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  1. Geography graduate here from California. Ended up in Washington DC. How I still don't know. Working full-time here at Georgetown University and I understand I get free tuition after a year. There are several great programs, some of them affiliated with the main campus and others offered for full time workers in what's called the School of Continuing Studies. You also get a Master's degree from Georgetown but it designates that it's an SCS degree. I am a full time worker and I'd love to get a master's degree from the university proper, but evening and online options are better to me with
  2. I appreciate the advice. I agree there are many options out here now that I see them. Many of the best Orthodox Christian seminaries are also in the Northeast Corridor but that's a long way off since that's the Church I aspire to join but I am not a member of. I'm going to look into auditing classes for now while I earn money and hopefully build up enough language skills to do well in one of these programs. I agree that the academic path seems to be out of reach for me given the circumstances of no language training and dated degree. The seminary would serve me best, if anything at all. I like
  3. I'm not thinking of professor-ship as much as I am a support role and an informal teaching role for a church community. I have a bachelor degree in Geography with 3.5 GPA. I have Spanish language experience (a year in college) and went pretty far with it (also traveled in Latin America), but it was 10 years ago. I have a natural aptitude for this language but my real interest is in Hebrew. I don't have any experience related to formally studying Hebrew except for self study. I watch Israeli movies and I'm able to pick up more than I imagined I would. However I don't know how to prove knowledge
  4. I've discovered that I really have a passion for biblical Hebrew. I'm a Protestant exploring Coptic Orthodox Christianity, and I'm increasingly fascinated by the early New Testament writings in Greek and Coptic. I was raised with KJV tapes of the Psalms and would fall asleep to them every night when I was young. The last five years, I've been wrestling with Catholicism, in both its more liberal and conservative forms, and I've finally realized that the Oriental Orthodox Church is where I would like to be. The Hebrew Bible was my bread and butter growing up and the stories are knit into my "nef
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