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  1. I am someone who is off the pursuing PhD track for the immediate future while I try to gauge what's possible for my future (I'm 29 - about to enter my 30s). I've dreamed about a PhD in Christian Ethics and becoming a professor at a small, liberal arts college. I also want to become an assistant priest or curate on the side for the Episcopal church. I already have a masters in theological studies from a non-episcopal seminary (Princeton Seminary), and I need at least one more year of study to meet the ordination requirements for the priesthood. I want to both meet the ordination requirements AND try to position myself for more prep for a PhD. Does anybody know how flexible the ordination requirements for education are in the Episcopal church? For instance, could I take just the Anglican theology/history classes (maybe 6 credits) at an Episcopal seminary as a non-degree seeking student? And then, transfer them into a one-year program (let's say Vanderbilt) to take a thesis with a desired professor?
  2. Dude! Congrats! This is super inspiring and encouraging for me to hear.
  3. Hello all, I've been a longtime observer of this forum - going back at least 3 years. The advice on here has been valuable, even as it has been anxiety-inducing at times. In the desire to make this forum better, I was wondering if this site could offer some kind of single document with FAQ's or general advice so that people don't have to search for it through archival posts. Would that be possible? Also, I was curious if anybody has any other religion/theology grad admission forums that they frequent or know about. Do they exist? It seems like this one is the most consistently active and most informative. Thanks in advance.
  4. I hope it's a down year. The "market" for PhD in religion apps is long overdue for course correction - far too much supply for too little demand.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm looking to apply to the University of Dayton's Ph.D program in theology with a focus on Catholic Social Teaching and Economics/Business Ethics. I'd ideally like to work with Vince Miller or Kelly Johnson there. Does anybody know anything about UD's ranking/reputation among theology/Christian ethics academic discussions? Where do their grads usually land in terms of types of colleges/universities? Any info is helpful. All I've found before is RR Reno's First Things Rankings from 2012, and that seems dated now. Thanks in advance.
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