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  1. Our PhD application deadlines are fast approaching now. I think it is time to start a new thread for this year's application cycle. Where are you applying and in what field (and even perhaps your research interests)? I'm applying for PhD programs in Hebrew Bible, and this year is my third attempt...Currently, I'm considering applying to: Brandeis, Brown, Chicago, Emory, NYU, and Yale. I may add some schools while finalizing the list. My research interest is basically the composition of the HB against its wider ANE context. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best of luck to y'all!
  2. Ohh I see...well that's sad news for me. Thanks for letting me know
  3. Rabbit Run, thanks for your reply! My field is Hebrew Bible. Do you think the HB faculty has already extended interview offers to applicants?
  4. Congratulations! Do you know if PTS has extended interview offers for other fields? I wish you the best of luck in the interview!
  5. Thanks, Almaqah Thwn! And congratulations to you, too! I also wish you the best of luck for the interview! Huzzah!
  6. Thanks. Honestly I am not sure about other fields...sorry that I cannot provide you with helpful information. Based on my observation of the last year's cycle, they seem to send out invitations around the same time. Nonetheless, nothing is certain. So I encourage you: do not lose hope!
  7. I think I should post an update as well...I was offered an interview at Baylor (Old Testament). Finally I see some light after a series of rejections...Anyone going to the interview?
  8. Thanks for letting me know. I guess this means rejection for me, too.
  9. Has anyone heard from Chicago Div today? I have literally been checking my mail every five secs...
  10. Has anyone heard back from U of Chicago (Divinity)? One of my friends at Chicago informed me that the committees should have made their decisions by now...anyone applied to Chicago?
  11. I heard from one of my friends at Emory that each committee has already dispatched invitations to leading applicants for interview this weekend. Congrats to those invited for interview!
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