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  1. Alright, let's get this bad boy started. There's been a growing trend, year by year, of increasingly less posts for the NELC departments, which is kind of crappy because this is one of the few places early on where you can actually chat with people in your field that have your same interest, even if you feel like you're competing with each other sometimes. That being said, I'm in a department already and know how crappy the application process can be, so I'd just like to throw some bits of information and encouragement out there: 1. Your statement of purpose is important, but you're not c
  2. I would resound this. Also worth noting, most departmental websites are putting on somewhat of a face with modern language-prep skills, specifically in German. Don't get me wrong- Decent German skill will really make your application stand out and you should train it as much as possible. But, from what I've seen a lot of students at higher institution schools in my field either fall in one of two categories- they lived in Germany and have perfect German skills, or they've done some but are still struggling to keep it up and pass the exam by the time the test is due (and hence, have to end up t
  3. How often do undergrad theses even get read? Even in STEM? Even at my lower ranked grad program, in the teacher assistants' lounge we had a bunch of master's theses and we just used them for paper weights or for laptop props, for when students wanted to pretend to have a standing desk.
  4. I would echo this. I'm just starting my PhD program this fall and in the process of submitting my first article for publication, but it's to a peer reviewed journal and only after my MA advisor at a top-tier institution. That way, there are several checks to prevent me from saying anything stupid (And if I do, it will have already slipped by three experts in my field and probably by someone on a future search committee). Additionally, one of my professors at a top-tier institution stated to avoid publishing in collected volumes early on in your career, because they tend to have lo
  5. An alternative route is that you could start the degree program at one of these schools without intent of finishing. I had a friend who meshed well with a professor at an upper tier school overseas, so he started a PhD program at an SBC school and then switched out. I'm not advising this route- personally, I would apply for funded MA programs and PhD programs next year at secular schools, lest you run the risk of reinforcing the fundamentalist stereotype. Although, I'm in an off year of academic studies and I do understand the frustration that you're facing. It's no fun. But somet
  6. So, I'm preparing to send off thank you cards for letter of recommendation writers this past season and also wanted to send each of my recommenders a modest gift to express my thankfulness for all the time that they sunk into my application. I was considering doing a restaurant gift certificate; albeit, I am quite far from my college now and don't have the ability to get gift cards for somewhere good and local. My parents also had recommended fine liquor, albeit I do not know if this is faux pas. Would anyone have any recommendations for thank you gifts?
  7. I mean, they shouldn't take any more money before sending word on your application because then it looks like they're asking for bribes. And if they accept you and then ask for money, it looks like they're asking for a bribe for grades. But hey, if they reject you, there are no moral quandaries preventing them from asking for more of your money. So why not have at it?
  8. But hey, at least we know they're putting that $85 application fee to good use by upgrading their website!
  9. I got the Duke email today, albeit previously I had emailed them and told them to withdraw my application a little more than a week ago. Had to still make a new account to log in and check the letter, in the off chance that they had waitlisted me and I was blocking someone else's spot to enter. Did anyone else have to create a new account to check their decision? That was really weird.
  10. The University of Pennsylvania, which has one of the best NELC departments in the world, has a suprisingly 90s style webpage.
  11. Shortlited means either one one of two things: 1. You've made it past the initial cut, but you're not guaranteed a spot yet. You're still competing with other people, but the pool is much smaller (I.E. 2 other candidates, instead of 40). It's a bit of a double-edged sword to know your shortlisted. On the one hand, you're close to getting admitted and you know it. On the other hand, there's still a good chance you'll get beat out and it'll blow up in your face. Don't put too much stock into the program until you're actually offered admission. 2. To light a candle with a very short wi
  12. Congratulations! That's a good program and I know that you were really gunning for it!
  13. You must be getting a nice stipend. Joking aside, I've lusted after it for a while, but the $300 Pentateuch is a bit of a deal breaker. Still, if I were going to do a ton of LXX criticism...
  14. Shoveled coffee and translated through relevant ancient literature in my field to build up my Statement of Purpose. So, I did a lot of Hebrew and other foreign texts and then found how they were relevant for the programs to which I was applying.
  15. I knew a student who once purchased Logos. He said: "Logos is the best advertisement for Accordance that I have ever seen." Seriously though, Accordance is amazing. It'll have its quirk or two on the PC and its a bit expensive, but I literally use it every day and it is fast and effective. Logos is good for secondary literature I've heard, but I'm honestly not too sure how much of it is shovelware.
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