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  1. didymus

    PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    After being initially rejected from Saint Louis (Christianity in Antiquity), I received a surprise invitation to do a Skype interview this week, which I did today. Assuming this means that they had more of their accepted applications choose to go elsewhere than they anticipated. I imagine it's not relevant to anyone on here at this point in the game, but thought I'd post just in case.
  2. didymus

    SBC Seminary Perceptions

    I am less interested in the confessional theology of the school itself and more interested in the opportunity to study under a faculty member who is the current president of the North American Patristics Society, an experience which I feel would not be "worthless." Thanks for the comment...
  3. didymus

    SBC Seminary Perceptions

    I applied to PhD programs in early Christian studies/patristics at a wide range of schools (Catholic, secular, and evangelical). The results are almost all in, and it looks like I'm only going to be accepted to the evangelical seminaries (Southern and Southwestern), despite what I felt was a strong application. I believe that having both an MDiv and a ThM from Southern negatively affected my chances of being accepted at non-evangelical institutions (though I would love to be persuaded otherwise). Anyway, at this point, my two questions are: What, if any, are your perceptions/impressions of the doctoral programs of these two schools (especially in church history/historical theology)? Do you anticipate that completing a degree from an evangelical seminary will be a hindrance to broader academic pursuits down the line (job hunting, publishing, etc.)? Thanks for any insights. Just trying to get a sense of the way these programs may be viewed by people not affiliated with them, now that my more preferred options are mostly off the table.
  4. didymus

    PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    I was rejected from Catholic several weeks ago, but am still waiting to hear from St. Louis.
  5. didymus

    PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    I noticed that too. What's your program? Mine is Historical Theology.
  6. didymus

    PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    Wondering if anyone has any information about the situations at St. Louis, Indiana, or Florida State?

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