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  1. Agreed. I do understand why people sit on acceptances, however. It's more than a program but uprooting your entire life and family, etc., and the decision shouldn't me made lightly. There is also the regret of accepting an offer early and hearing back from a school one was wait-listed at that is a top choice, etc. On the other hand I wish all those wait-listed like myself would have the opportunity to get into a program! I'm beyond anxious to hear back.
  2. Still waiting and it's kind of ridiculous. I just checked the portal in case I missed the email but still nothing. Never had to wait until April for any word back before. I emailed the graduate admissions department and they were quite unhelpful: "each department meets at different times so we don't know when you will hear back."
  3. Still no word for me from Catholic University or St. Louis University
  4. I also was applied to the xianity in antiquity program. Still not a peep from SLU, though.
  5. I visited Marquette last fall and it's an impeccable campus and faculty is top notch for historical theology. It was my top choice, however, I was rejected from the get go. If you do decide Marquette let them know soon because I'm wait listed at Baylor right now.
  6. Anyone have a word from CUA? There have been a couple post rejection for systematic and historical theologies, can anyone claim an acceptance?
  7. Wait-listed at Baylor for PhD in Religion (historical theology). Good look to the couple gents on here invited to preview weekend in Feb! a-0 w-1 r-0 out of 7
  8. True, but it also doesn't hurt them. Most visits resulted in face to face meetings with professors of interest or the director of the graduate program, or others who are on actual board of admissions and we are still far before most deadlines. Rather than being just a nameless faceless application most schools are going to know exactly who I am. If it gets me a leg up then great, if not than at least they know who they are rejecting. Plus the experiences have been awesome. Staying at cheap AirBnB's and getting brews with PhD candidates has been priceless. The end of this month I am flying out to WI, then Boston the beginning of October. Can't wait. Brent
  9. I had a year off so I have had a lot of time to prepare for this (emailing/phoning phd students, talking to graduate program directors, emailing and phoning professors of interest, flying all over the country to visit these damn schools). Needless to say it taxing, expensive, and exhausting. Why the hell do we continue to do this?! I'm applying to Notre Dame, Marquette, Boston College, St. Louis University, Baylor, Calvin Seminary, Princeton Seminary, Catholic U. of America, Duke, and Wheaton. Applying to Historical Theology / History of Xianity programs with emphasis on patristic studies. How many of you plan on visiting unis of interest? Cheers to everyone self-flagellating this season,
  10. How important do you guys think visiting the campus of the University you are applying to is in order to get in? How many are enrolled as students or candidates that never visited the campus previous to applying? (I am not here speaking of bring invited to campus after the fact) I plan on scheduling campus visits for August and September for my top 5 schools or the 9 I am applying to. I feel this is a good idea but not entirely sure.
  11. What kind of writing did you use for your sample? Was it a school paper, if so was it the newest thing you had written? When a school has a limit of say 20 pages Max do you send over a 19 page paper? Would a, say, 12 page paper been seen as not sufficient enough? How many used a portion of a longer paper or thesis? Last, what kind of things did you do to edit it before submission (deleting title page and class number, date, etc.). Do you keep your bibliography or get rid of it? Do you add an abstract or German Zusammenhang/Zusammenfassung?
  12. Well I wish the utmost patience to all those still waiting it out. Especially for those who have heard back and are waitlisted! Seems I am at the end of my road here, but positively at least I can take a breath. For those currently in a program, how many cycles did you shoot? I'll continue into 3rd year Latin in my off year. Should I go for a third Masters degree (anyone on this board have 3 masters?). Meeting with my supervisor tomorrow to discuss some of these questions over as well.
  13. I'm finishing up a Th.M at Calvin Seminary right now. I think they're definitely helpful, but the criticisms stand: no funding (I received a meagre 5k grant) and no time to get to know professors (Finishing in one year, I basically was pleading for LORs after a month, it was awkward as hell). Congrats on TEDS acceptance. Have you heard anything back about funding?
  14. When is Baylor's preview weekend? Saw a couple note they were wait listed by Baylor for department of religion. Have not been rejected, waitlisted or invited to preview weekend so I am anxious to hear back from them.
  15. Rejected by St. Louis U via email. Waiting to hear back from the rest
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