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  1. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    Anyone want to claim the UCLA NELC acceptance?
  2. Near Eastern Studies/NELC Fall 2018

    Whelp. UCLA sent out another NELC email. That might be the ol' nail in the coffin for me on that one, folks. Damn.
  3. Near Eastern Studies/NELC Fall 2018

    It looks like notifications for Yale had gone out. Even though it was a longshot, I'm wishing I had applied to Penn and Yale instead of Chicago and Harvard. It's too late at this point to shift things up though. I need this Brown interview to go REALLY well if I want to do Assyriology. :/
  4. Near Eastern Studies/NELC Fall 2018

    Same here. I know I should just be patient, but I'm getting so disheartened.
  5. Hello to my fellow biblicists out there. I am looking to reward myself for entering PhD studies this upcoming fall by purchasing some bible software for myself over the summer. I was curious what your thoughts are on the big three programs out there and, if you've used two or all three of them, what you would recommend.
  6. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    It's a shame that the University of Georgia doesn't get more of a spotlight considering they have Baruch Halpern and R. E. Friedman on faculty and accepting students. (I am most certainly biased) but I would have to include Notre Dame for Hebrew Bible over several of the programs that you listed (particularly UT-Austin since both John Heuhnergard and Jo Ann Hackett are retired/retiring and Emory with Carol Newsom).
  7. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    Congrats man. those are both amazing departments. Let me know what you decide. I'm hoping to catch a waitlist invite off the back of whatever you choose not to do. If you don't mind me asking, were you shortlisted at Johns Hopkins?
  8. Near Eastern Studies/NELC Fall 2018

    I know i'm being impatient, but I'm going to need to hear from UCLA sometime soon.
  9. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    There is an unclaimed Harvard acceptance and an unclaimed UCLA acceptance (for NELC). I'd really love to hear from the specialization for each.
  10. Near Eastern Studies/NELC Fall 2018

    I'm really curious as to what concentration contacted them. I know sometimes they only contact certain concentrations as a time so I'm REALLY hoping it wasn't for the ANE subsection.
  11. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    That's almost borderline criminal. Grad students have no money and so many people spend so much money in application fees. It even costs money to send GRE scores. I honestly would have been tempted to issue a charge-back on my card.
  12. Near Eastern Studies/NELC Fall 2018

    It looks like someone was accepted to UCLA. Congrats! I was really taken by the program and the professors I met with. Hopefully there might still be an acceptance incoming for me. :/
  13. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    It depends on a lot of factors. To where have you been accepted? Can you defer acceptance?
  14. Near Eastern Studies/NELC Fall 2018

    I think the majority of notifications for Master's programs come even after PhD notifications, unfortunately. :/
  15. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    A couple of my fellow Notre Dame people will indeed be there. They are awesome people, as I'm sure you will come to know!