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    PhD Applications Fall 2019 Season

    I'm surprised this thread isn't popping off more at this point. I was a giant, shaking ball of neuroses at this point last year. Kudos to y'all for keeping your cool!

    Response times for popular journals within the field

    It's no worries! I've had a couple of bad experiences with SBL, hence my frustration. Hoping that the wait isn't too too long on this journal submission. It wasn't bench rejected, which is always good! haha.

    Response times for popular journals within the field

    I should rephrase. I think that taking 16 months to get back to someone about whether or not they can start working on a book review for a journal (particularly one like RBL that puts out so many reviews) is ridiculous. Experiencing wait-time on hearing about an article, which obviously takes a lot of time to read and critique, is far more understandable.

    Response times for popular journals within the field

    I'd heard from several people that JBL can be over a year. I have requested to do multiple book reviews with them and even hearing back about that has been 8-16 MONTHS. Absolutely ridiculous.
  5. Hello all, I recently submitted an article for consideration for a fairly prominent journal in Hebrew Bible. As it would be my first non-book-review publication, I'm excited to hear back about an acceptance, rejection, or R&R. I was wondering if anyone could anecdotally speak to the typical turnaround times for journals to which they have submitted. I've heard CBQ has a goal time of about three months. I haven't heard anything outside of that, though.

    Advice on selecting another recommender

    That's super tough. While I would like to think Professor B would be a much better recommender, my own anecdotal experience with that sort of thing has been that Professor A would be better. I'm sure it's been different for others, though. I would try to meet with Professor A a few times before they write the letter and maybe give them another paper to read (it depends on the professor as to whether or not they'll read it).

    Stipend Increase to $31,000 for PhD Students at Emory?

    That's probably pretty helpful considering the area that Emory is in. Decatur is expensive as hell.

    PhD Applications Fall 2019 Season

    Sounds like a good list! You should throw Notre Dame on there as well!

    Master's Admissions 2018 (MA, MTS, ThM or Mdiv)

    If you haven't heard from ND yet for the MTS, there is still hope. For some reason like 4-5 of the 15 applicants haven't even responded to their offers and, unless they do so by tonight, the offers will go to waitlisters. It's not definite, but there is a small amount of hope. **On a sidenote: If you're ever offered a spot in a program (M* or PhD), even if you don't intend to go to that program, DO NOT IGNORE PROFESSORS WHEN THEY EMAIL YOU. It's a really great way to make yourself look terrible to people who are actually working in the field you're hoping to enter.

    PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    That might be the case. And I understand sitting on a couple. But if you have 3+, you should start narrowing things down.

    PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    From what I can gather, there are a few (extremely inconsiderate) people sitting on a ton of acceptances. I know someone who was sitting on 5+ TT acceptances and didn't accept one until last week. A lot of schools don't have the time necessary to work through the administration to make offers at this point.

    Master's Admissions 2018 (MA, MTS, ThM or Mdiv)

    I know they've already notified the first wave of people. However, there is usually some movement in the acceptances as people go elsewhere. There might still be a chance you get in off the waitlist. It wouldn't be a terrible idea to message someone and ask. To what area did you apply?
  13. I have no idea if it is still the case, but while I was at the University of Georgia the head of the linguistics department was a fairly well known scholar focusing on Sanskrit and other Devanagari languages. There are also a couple of professors in the religion department focusing on SE Asian religion. It's not a tier-1 program, but the Religion MA set me up very well moving forward from there.

    Master's Admissions 2018 (MA, MTS, ThM or Mdiv)

    As far as I know for the MTS, the departments decide independently of one another. I've heard of people knowing WAY before others. ND also likes to extended MTS offers to a lot of people they interview for PhD stuff. I'd be patient for another week and hopefully some news will pop up.

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