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  1. Hey all, in case any folks stumble on this thread next year and are wondering if it's possible to get more money from one of the big Div schools: YDS just raised my scholarship from 80% to a full ride. It does happen! I was persistent in asking and following up.
  2. Quick question for anyone who might know: Does Yale Divinity accept students into the one year STM degree from Yale's MAR? Or do they only accept applicants with an MDiv? I want to apply for doctoral programs in the fall of my second year of the MAR, but am thinking I should have the STM and a few other good ThM programs on my list as backups. Thanks!
  3. That's great! How much more (percent wise) did they give you?
  4. Sorry for all the questions today, but here's another for anyone willing to answer: I'm deciding between a fully funded and stipeneded MTS at Harvard and an 80% funded MAR at Yale. Because I have a working spouse, Yale is affordable without loans. I'm hoping to move on to doctoral study in New Testament and Christianity after my masters. Though Yale has a better NT faculty, I keep hearing about the Boston Theological Institute from folks at Harvard, and the opportunity to work with great NT scholars outside of Harvard (like the faculty at Boston College). Does anyone with experience of HDS kno
  5. Hey, has anyone had or heard of someone who has had success in getting more money from one of the Ivies? Because of Yale's strong NT program, I've asked them for more money (Harvard gave me full ride + stipend). They basically said they couldn't do anything right away, but would get back to me after the 15th. Does this bode well? Poorly?
  6. I do! I hope to be applying out for doctoral programs the fall semester of my second year in either degree, so developing faculty relationships is a huge priority for me.
  7. Harvard gave me more money, but I think the New Testament faculty at Yale might be better suited to my interests. I don't know how much that matters at the masters level, though.
  8. Hey all, I'm still deciding between Harvard and Yale. Is anyone who got in to Yale planning on not going? May I ask why?
  9. I've been exploring this too as I'm considering both schools. My impression is they are very integrated; the Div schools are the university's way of granting Masters degree in religion. Notice how neither institution has a standalone MA in Religion that's only granted through the Religious Studies department. They share faculty almost entirely--it's just a matter of the M* being granted through the Div school, the PhD through Religious Studies department.
  10. Deadline for merit scholarships has passed, but Duke’s MTS is definitely accepting applications until April 15th.
  11. Cool! I’m waitlisted at Notre Dame in Biblical Studies.
  12. Hello there! Are you willing to share what your subfield at Notre Dame is?
  13. Does anyone have any movement to report on the Notre Dame waitlist?
  14. Interesting! I guess I’ll take it as good news that I haven’t received any such email for the biblical studies subfield. No need to assume an HDS rejection if you were waitlisted at ND—a funded MTS with a stipend is (as you know) almost unheard of, and ND needs to be more selective in their admission because of that guaranteed funding.
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