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  1. There's not a set number of interviewees, but only 14 students are admitted each year. In my first year of the PhD here. It varies by course of study. That's assuming there were applicants to all of them, or enough in that area. But each area of study isn't guaranteed a certain number of slots either, so the 14 admitted students will vary per course of study across the GDR--some more, some less, some none.
  2. Thanks! He didn't tell me how many. All I know is that there's a lot of back and forth going on between the GDR and the grad school. He said there's recently been movement, so maybe things will keep moving! Good luck! If I learn anything, I'll keep y'all posted. Thank you!! I'm in American Religious Cultures.
  3. Admitted off the Emory waitlist--will be going!
  4. I've been accepted off of the Emory waitlist, and I will be accepting the offer!
  5. Like @Abdelazar said, if you plan to attend another program, please let them know. I'm on the waitlist, and this is my top choice!
  6. If you don't mind, let us know! Fingers crossed all around. This is the tough part of the wait....
  7. I was waitlisted the day after acceptances went out, but it's been all quiet on the Emory front. I'm just waiting to hear.... Hoping someone who got in elsewhere will turn Emory down. Yes, my friend who did his PhD there was not invited to interview weekend and was still accepted on April 14. So there's always hope. But I can relate--I'm dying for some info.
  8. Anyone waitlisted at Emory? Anyone accepted to Emory that has also been accepted elsewhere and wants to attend another program?
  9. Sorry to hear. Did they send a letter or email?
  10. Yes, a friend of mine was admitted to Emory on April 14th even though he hadn't been invited to the interview weekend. It's rare, but it's possible. That to say that their rejections might not go out for a while. Might be worth emailing your POI...
  11. Same here--hard to say... I know someone who got into UT at the last minute last year, so you never know.
  12. A friend of mine was accepted to their American Religions track last week.
  13. Also, can I just plead with y'all: If anyone on here has been accepted at Emory and doesn't wanna go, please let them know. I've been waitlisted, and it's my top choice!!
  14. For which program? If it's an Ivy, no--still too early. If it's UVa, give it another week or two. Until you know that their waitlist has gone out, I'd hold off.
  15. Yeah, I emailed just for my own sake. Friends had been waitlisted already (around the 20th? I believe), so I already knew. Still wanted the official answer though. Good luck on the WL.
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