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  1. Ah, wow. Hang in there. I met a handful of admits last Monday when they were here visiting, so you might see some movement soon. It is quite stymying, especially since I know like 75% of the students in their program already, and clearly fit well with their department. For the three years I have applied they've had 90-100 applications, so you're right about the competitiveness. I don't think the rankings rank SLU well, though. They have an incredible placement record compared to other programs in their "tier".
  2. My two cents: you might want to consider an MA in Philosophy, since your research interests are broadly Philosophical. I can't see why an MA in Philosophy wouldn't hurt you, but I can see why an MDiv after an MTS might. I'm on the opposite side of the fence than you; I have similar interests (though I'm analytic, and do pre-Kant Philosophical Theology), and I'm trying to get into Religion/Theology PhD programs with an MA in Philosophy.
  3. I applied to SLU for 2014, 2016, and 2017, and each year it has only been 2-3 admits.
  4. Well, I can't speak on behalf of this process in general, but for me it is just the intersection of reaching out and having the opportunity at hand. I've been teaching there while also in my current program for the last two years. I simply called the director of the humanities area there and it turns out they have had a continual need for adjuncts in Philosophy. I'd recommend simply reaching out to the appropriate contacts of the department you're interested in, whether via e-mail or phone. I've also gotten gigs in my university's language and communications departments doing this. Basically, send out a lot of e-mails.
  5. Hear, Hear. I haven't heard from any of my 4 either. I do already have teaching gigs lined up for the next year at our nearby community college, however, if none of them work out (thankfully!).
  6. Congrats! What is your area? (If you don't mind me asking...)
  7. I had a good discussion regarding the Baylor waitlist (two weeks ago) with Dr. Nogalski as well. Their reasoning was very vague in that they have a diverse applicant pool in Theology for only two spots, so they want to make sure that they don't get two people who are doing the same kind of thing, essentially. In short, they don't rank because they want to play it by ear. FWIW, he lamentably told me when he called me that the one person who did accept would've likely been the spot I had a chance to get, so I think for me at least there's little to no chance at Baylor
  8. Thanks for speaking up (it appears that few in this convo are interested in ND...) and congrats!
  9. Has anyone heard anything from SLU? They seem to be quite behind the curve this cycle. (Sorry if this is the wrong thread to be asking this question...)
  10. Someone posted for the MTS at Notre Dame earlier today. Does anyone know more about that?
  11. The director (Dr. Nogalski)
  12. Just got a call from Baylor. He stated that out of the two Theology spots they have offered, one has been accepted (for those waitlisted in Theology at Baylor...)
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