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  1. Thanks! I'm so relieved with your comment.
  2. Thanks everyone! Your advices were really helpful! Now I've joined some Boston housing networks and started looking at it
  3. Thanks so much for the reply. I also felt I should be looking now.. but there aren't many listings. So I think I should be diligent in searching until late-May. As you might guess, I obviously meant a one-bedroom *in a multi-bedroom apartment*. And it seems like there's just not a lot of one-bedroom units( in a multi-bedroom apartment) in my price range. And as you mention in your "reply 1", I think I should go with SEP 1, but being homeless for seven days should be no laughing matter. I also have to find a way to solve this problem. I will bear in mine what you advised wh
  4. Hi folks! I've recently got off the fence and accepted HDS' offer. So I'm going to live in HDS area for 2 years. I know this question should go to 'City' forum, but, as you know, that forum got too crowded during this season and only little helpful information is offered at the 'Boston' forum. I'd like to hear from current or former HDS student (or BTI friends) on affordable housing ideas at/around HDS (or general Harvard Area). 1) I plan to move in mid-August, when should I start to look for apartments? I've been searching HU Campus Housing page and Harvard Off
  5. WOW !Congrats!! They made a very embarrassing mistake.. But in the end, you've gained a wonderful result I think Boston is a wonderful place to learn and live.
  6. I've just received the award letter from HDS. I've got the full-tuition grant! Exciting! Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  7. Wow.. I was accepted. Beyond excited! And sorry for those of you who didn't get in. BTW, the decision letter says that "within 24 hours, I will receive an email from the Financial Aid Office regarding your financial aid package ". All I need to do is just waiting for their decision to come, right? (as my previous question about HDS' funding presents, I'm really nervous about their funding decision. So excuse me if I'm having too many worries.)
  8. I talked with my pals yesterday and one of my friends who applied to the MTS program of Harvard in 2014-15 (accepted but turn down their offer) told me that she received an official decision email on 17th March (Tuesday) that year. Like now, Harvard was on spring break for 3/14-3/22. It seems like their recent decisions shows some flexibility for a day or two. I'll cross my fingers for all of you (including myself). -- And one quick question. Is Harvard's initial funding offer merit-based or need-based? My financial situation has been significantly changed (became
  9. Thanks for the info @misterrager, @suhba7, @xypathos, and @theophany ! I think we'll hear on March 15th(tomorrow). It seems like they're sticklers in terms of releasing decisions (although it may not be 11:59 AM). Plus, considering Harvard is on Spring Break this week and that snowstorm has been well forecast far in advance, it is possible that they've already finished all the necessary step except for a (formal) notification of (pre-processed) decision on 15th.
  10. As far as I'm concerned, I put curriculum and faculty's interest first and I prefer non-theological academic program. And when it comes to Duke and Chicago, I think Duke's graduate program in religion offers more diverse dialogue in my subfield, although it would be a tough call. So, I would say Duke is slightly more religious-studies focused than Chicago, in particular from my viewpoint and interest.
  11. I'm also happy for you all. As for me, I'm slightly leaning toward Duke. I wished I could get more than 60% from Chicago, but it didn't turn out as I'd hoped. Both programs are great and they also have striking differences, merits, and demerits. But because Duke's graduate program in religion offers more fitable subfield and tailored(personalized) academic guidance, for now, I'd choose Duke. But, just like Franz, I'm going to wait HDS too. While HDS' has the least appealing program for me(because of my background in Theology and my intention of pursuing careers in Religious Studi
  12. Wow, fantastic! It seems like UC really loved your dossier. I'm happy for you
  13. @franz I didn't tell you, but I thought U.Chicago will looove your Philosophy background. Congrats! better funding than mine! ooouch!
  14. @BeeKayCee Totally fine We are all going through the changes at different paces and in different ways. Because of this stressful situation, I also tend to fidget and lose focus easily, I guess I also have made a mistake. Best of luck! Thanks for the heads up.. I have read your comment and all of my questions(on additional funding) have been answered to my satisfaction. If you don't mind, may I ask you some questions about 'life in Duke' via PM?
  15. Hi? It's the first time I get the news that some MA appicants already heard from UChi Divinity School. Do you think it should be a bad sign to be unnoticed so far? I thought 'the UC day' would be monday or tuesday..
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