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  1. @ibn daoud I hope to see you there too, I'll definitely keep you posted on what I decide. I've already visited both campuses in the fall but I'm trying to think if it would be worth it to go to the accepted students days. So my offer had an acceptance letter that included a sentence telling me that I've been selected for a 'deans fellow award' and a separate letter attached to the initial acceptance letter detailing what this award actually entailed (full tuition, stipend). I think from what I gather Harvard notifies everyone of merit scholarships immediately upon acceptance and then awards financial aid to all other accepted applicants the following day (but this financial aid can be up to 100%).
  2. Accepted at Harvard with full tuition and 8K stipend! I think (?) I'm still leaning towards UChicago but HDS's generous offer will make this a very difficult decision!
  3. @ibn daoud I'm actually in a similar position to you! Really humbled by Chicago's generosity and unsure HDS could offer anything that would draw me away either. I also had a really fantastic experience visiting UChicago. So chances are relatively high we will meet next year!! @Johnny.S it's pretty unlikely that we would hear today. In general it seems like HDS sends out their acceptances around exactly mid march (March 14-March 16)
  4. @ibn daoudI'm so excited by the possibility of attending University of Chicago (and miraculously being able to afford it!) and have spent a lot of this last week falling more in love with the robust offerings in Islamic studies. For what it is worth, I believe (at least for the MA) it's actually more likely that one receives a better financial package from Harvard than University of Chicago. From what I can tell, HDS offers "about 20%" of their accepted applicants merit scholarships, but these merit scholarships all include a stipend! http://hds.harvard.edu/admissions-aid/financial-aid/aid-through-hds/hds-institutional-grants (It seems to me Chicago offers a very very small amount of MA students-2 or 3- tuition and a stipend, while Harvard is offering 20% of their accepted applicants this). I personally know of multiple people who have in the past received a stronger package from HDS (including a stipend) than Chicago so I wouldn't totally count out your chances of receiving an "incredible offer." I think my anecdotal evidence is also supported by the fact that if you look in the past 3 or 4 years on this website, more people post about receiving 100% at Harvard than UChicago. It's great to hear from someone as enthusiastic as I've been recently about attending University of Chicago for Islamic Studies! Best of luck!
  5. @ibn daoud I'm leaning towards University of Chicago because I think it really meshes well with my research interests (in Islamic Studies). That said, I'm still waiting to hear from HDS and if they offer a stipend in addition to full tuition I would very seriously consider it.
  6. Accepted to UChicago MA with 100% Funding! Thrilled!
  7. @BeeKayCee Do you mean the CMES MA? I was actually referring to the religious studies MA which I don't think anyone has heard from. Do you know people who have been accepted to the religion MA within the divinity school? Thanks!
  8. @ibn daoud It's totally fine, thanks for the clarification! I'm guessing we will all hear sometime early next week. Best of luck!!
  9. @ibn daoud Do you think there is any chance that the MDiv decisions will come out on a different day than the MA decisions at UChicago, since the deadline for the MDiv program was a week later? Or is it all part of the same pool of applications? Just wondering if it is possible that MA students could hear today, or if the people you talked to also were involved in the admissions process for the MA program as well.
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