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  1. Those look good to me! At my visits I ask about: what kind of feedback they gave students and what forms that took what sort of courses they were thinking I'd take in the fall/confirming I knew what was required to take vs electives who would teach the methods course in the fall (them or another prof in the department) how often they're in the office or working on camous, if face to face time is important to you ask what students typically do in the summers. Do they have opportunities to leave and do research? Is there funding for that? Do students have to work other jobs? If you feel comfortable, you can ask about their experience in grad school. What they liked/didn't like, and how that's influenced their mentoring style. Finally, their thoughts about relations in the department/school overall (ie if they note a general camaraderie between faculty). Also confirm they have tenure or will soon; you don't want them to leave in a year or two. I also found it nice to just chat with them, ask about favorite restaurants or things to do. For me it's important I work with people who personable and realize I'll have a life outside of grad school, it would be a bad sign if my POI spent literally all their time in the office or reading and expected me to do the same.
  2. I'm in at HDS! Hoping that financial aid comes through soon. From the admittance email, it sounds like we'd be on our own for transportation to/from the prospective student day, does anyone know if that's correct?
  3. Curious if anyone has any thoughts on when I could expect to receive funding info. Is that something that's typically discussed at a recruitment weekend? Should I expect it in another email? If the latter, how long after admittance does it typically take to come out? Thanks in advance, this is all very new to me and I appreciate any input!
  4. Applicant here! I haven't heard anything :/
  5. Congrats! I was also just accepted, see you at recruitment weekend!
  6. Is the UNC Chapel Hill person who got accepted on here? If so, mind sharing your subfield?
  7. I had this happen last year! Good luck rushing to get that new app done.
  8. Hello all! I applied to a mixture of PhD and MA/MTS programs. For the latter, I applied to Syracuse (MA), IU (MA), Harvard (MTS), and Uni of Chicago (MA). I have not heard anything back from any of these programs yet, unfortunately.
  9. Thanks! That's both comforting and terrifying at the same time, haha. It's my first interview so I'm pretty nervous!
  10. Just got an email from UT Austin (Religions of the Americas track) inviting me to interview this week! However, question for you all, the email says I am "...on the short list of candidates for admission", and the interview is to ask a few questions about my app and give me a chance to ask questions. Any thoughts about if the "short list" means I'm basically accepted, and this interview is a formality? Or, am I and some other people all interviewing for one spot?
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