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  1. First of all, congrats! I'm glad you got good news today. From what I read in the letter, I was assuming financial aid would be sent out next week, 24 hours after we got something in the mail. In hindsight, this seems silly, because why would they mail something and not send an email if they already know? We'll see I guess. I, too, am a little bit nervous about financial aid, since I don't want to take out loans (for obvious reasons, but also since interest is a sin in my religion) but thanks be to God I was already leaning towards UChicago! Alf mabrouk! Very happy to hear this! Two things: I still hope to see you in Chicago next year (if we both go!) and was your offer in your acceptance letter? Mine was straightfoward and so at this point I'm assuming if I wasn't notified of anything like this in the letter it will all be loan information coming tomorrow?
  2. ITS TIME HDS FOLKS الله اكبر ولله الحمد!!! was accepted, just have to wait for financial offers to come out. God is the greatest! Thanks be to God for making this process rewarding, and thanks be to God I have options! I sincerely hope I am worthy of all the blessings I have been given. Hope everyone else receives such wonderful news.
  3. makes three of us. i was up at 6 am and planning my day around getting word from HDS at 11:59. so here i am, watching a steven seagal movie and eating peanut butter.
  4. There's a way to do it online but this system is only good for organizing class visits/ Divinity school tours. If you want to meet with professors, email them directly. I was able to meet with three and exchange emails with a fourth. Granted I emailed about 8 in total, but 50% isn't bad.
  5. @suhba7 ha, glad I wasn't the only one looking over the Div School's website and handbooks once more (even though I've read them a thousand times already!) I was a bit unclear earlier: I have applied for MDiv at Harvard and know funding is usually decent, but thanks be to God received one of the Div School fellowships at UChicago, so at this point (although God knows best) I don't think HDS could offer me anything that would draw me away from my decision. I hope this doesn't sound immodest of me, I am truly blown away by -- and still trying to digest -- UChicago's generosity! When I visited both schools, I just didn't feel the same kind of connection at Harvard as I did in Chicago. I can't explain it even. Everyone I've spoken to at UChicago has shown immense interest in and support of my academic and spiritual aims, and that to me is hard to pass up. Regardless, I hope you get a great offer from HDS, although selfishly it would be great to meet at UChicago next year, especially since our interests seem to align!
  6. I get this totally. Whereas I'm more interested in finding out if they would let me in, I am just waiting to see if they will even accept me, although it would have to be an incredible offer for me to change my mind. And I don't think I'm good enough for that. My interests just match up pretty well with UChicago folks.
  7. haha this is exactly why I'm waiting to hear from HDS! I have a very generous offer from UChicago which would encourage me anyways, and like @suhba7 said they have much more thorough offerings in Islamic Studies, but I just want to know if the staff at HDS thinks I'm good enough to go there. It's kind of like a win-win, either they say no and I get my first choice or they say yes and I get my first choice knowing that a place like Harvard thinks I'm Ivy material.
  8. Very happy we all made it! How many of you are planning to attend? Are you waiting til HDS results come out to think seriously about it? I'm visiting HDS currently and have to say I don't feel as strongly about the program as I did at Chicago, but my reasons are strictly based on the MDiv program itself (I know most of you (all?) are applying for masters). Granted, it's Harvard, and the program is still top-notch, but I think personally I would be a better fit at UChicago and the work I wish to do would be more appropriate there as well.
  9. yeeaah! I was coming here to tell everyone to wake up and check their emails! I got into the MDiv program as well! God is great. I haven't cried out of happiness in a long time. Congrats everyone! I also found this out as I was getting ready to eat an entire cheese pizza all by myself. So here I am, excited beyond belief, getting pizza sauce all over my bed.
  10. Likewise! I'll make sure to send positive vibes for you until we hear back!
  11. So... Still no word on UChicago Divinity for MDiv? Tomorrow then God willing? I'm in Cambridge visiting HDS and again I had a dream last night someone told me I didn't get in and I was a terrible applicant. I'm ready for those dreams to be over!
  12. Sorry! I've been at work since I wrote that last message. This was briefly explained to me, and don't quote me because I don't remember completely, but my understanding was that all the applications were pooled together for the committee... That didn't make sense, and I didn't ask for clarification... But who knows. I wish I could tell you for sure! Everything I know is for the MDiv program, I sort of assumed that results would be released together.
  13. Yeah, I was promised first full week in March by two different people. Decisions will be made by the end of the day, but they won't come out til early next week. I asked my POI to give me a shout if she heard anything, and I haven't gotten word from her yet. Congrats on Fordham, BC and Duke!
  14. Congrats everyone! Very exciting week! Hopefully next week will bring more good news from UChicago
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