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  1. Your point about individual profs is very useful, @xypathos. Thank you! And @docturus_sum, indeed — deciding without visiting is a tricky task. Congratulations on your PhD admission in any case! I would expect the lack of internal petition to decrease the general level of competition at the master's level (though that may take a year or two to occur) but no idea about doctoral. Any other current or recent MA or PhD students want to chime in? Nice to meet you @Fiat! The total number of full time students at Chicago appears to be 172 according to the ATS, so I would guess each cohort would
  2. Hi all, I was recently admitted to UChicago's MA program at the Divinity School. I am unable to visit the campus before the response deadline, nor did I visit it before applying (unlike the other schools to which I applied). That said, I'm interested in gathering as much information as I can from afar before making a decision. Scouring forum posts here, I have seen the academic atmosphere at the Divinity School variously characterized as "cutthroat" and "competitive," with students hell-bent on attaining their professors' respect and recommendation letters. I don't intend to produce a rep
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