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  1. Thank you, that is helpful, I will have a look! I am at this point looking at DSPT part of GTU for a terminal MA in Philosophy, and hopefully on to a Phd at Brown, is this reasonable do you think? I know they are not high on the list for Phds however I really like the professors and feel I would be a good fit for their department. Your comments are welcome!
  2. Ha yeah well that was what I originally thought! This one ended up being a year and a half, but I was wondering, do you know anything about The Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology? They have a MA there in Philosophy that meets most Phd requirements. Do you think this could be a good stepping stone to the Philosophy Phd? Any advice or alternatives you could give would be most appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Thanks so much for your answers. To be honest, I was kind of anticipating responses along these lines. As much as I've enjoyed, and been personally enriched by, my theology studies, I guessed it was a long shot that I might use that alone to switch fields. (Right now, I'm waist-deep in a research paper for my final course. I'm comparing Ratzinger and Kung's hermeneutic values by examining their reactions to two Vatican II documents. It's a fun one!)
  4. I tried the chat room, but it seems to not be a good time right now so I will write my question here. Would you say it's possible to get accepted into a Philosophy Phd without any Philosophy undergrad/grad work? I am currently completing a MA in Theology and hoping that the overlap between Theology and Philosophy will be enough background. What do you think? I would really appreciate any insight. Thanks!
  5. Oh thanks so much for this answer. I never realized my question was answered till I checked just now! Another quick question. I am moving to Montreal, (Concordia Uni.) and I need to know if it is possible to as an American, to come into Canada and Quebec on my passport and apply for the CAQ once I am here. My school took till just this week to get the funding package together, so I doubt I will get the CAQ before I leave, August 1st. Is it wise to leave for Montreal before I have it?? Thanks!
  6. Does anyone know if this is still the case in 2014 with all the new changes being made with Study Permits?
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