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  1. As far as "your toolbox," it doesn't hurt to learn some other Semitic languages: Akkadian, Ugaritic, NW Semitic dialects, Aramaic.
  2. That's awesome. Keep up the good work. I didn't mean to sound discouraging. I really enjoyed studying at Fuller overall. I focused on the Hebrew Bible even in my Masters so I never got to take Joel Green. But I've heard a lot of great things about him. Good luck with your apps!
  3. I did my Masters work at Fuller and know several Phd students still there. Many of them are concerned about their future job prospects, especially since Fuller doesn't seem to have a good reputation among the more fundamentalist schools nor does it have a good reputation among the more liberal schools. Further, Fuller is not cheap and only a few students will receive tuition remission a year. On top of that, Pasadena is not a cheap place to live either and is only getting worse as even the cheaper parts of Pasadena are being gentrified. I grew up Baptist as well but was pretty moderate when I
  4. I'm not connected with Emory so I can't speak for them, but I know someone who got in off of the waitlist this past week. He is taking it. Good luck.
  5. As always, marXian is right. This is too good of an opportunity to pass up. Worst that could happen is you are rejected and can finish your mdiv and apply in a few years.
  6. I think if you can keep your verbal where it's out and raise your quantitative and writing then you'll be fine, especially since you are applying to a Master program, albeit a competitive one. With that said, the GRE is only one aspect of your app and a great GRE score does not guarantee you admission (just as a bad score does not guarantee a rejection.) So don't neglect the other aspects of your application while trying to find that perfect GRE score.
  7. I think you have a typo. You can not score lower than a 130 on the quantitative section of the GRE and that's if you don't get any question right. With that said, it's hard to judge how competitive you'll be without knowing every aspect of your app and every app that is applying to the MAAS at Georgetown. However, I would say you have a strong GPA and your verbal is where it needs to be. It also depends on your writing score. Good luck!
  8. my V was lower than this (158) but my writing was 5.5. I'm guessing the writing helped me get in the door. With that said, there are so many factors that go into adcom decisions and the GRE is just one aspect.
  9. Those of us that were accepted this year: Can we take a moment to appreciate that we will never have to take the GRE again? Feels so good.
  10. An MA from UChicago will be invaluable when you are applying to PhD programs. Half tuition is not a bad deal, especially since it will put you in the right position to pursue fully funded phd programs. Unless you have a fully funded offer from another tier 1 school, then I would take Chicago's offer.
  11. I am not the one who posted that but I can assure you that UCLA NELC does not normally send official offers until the end of February/beginning of March. That acceptance might not have been an official offer but an email from a POI.
  12. It's this level of in-depth research that has gotten you here.
  13. Seriously! What a mess. I can't even imagine the emotional roller coaster that would send me through.
  14. Don't worry. You're still accepted here. The Grad Cafe, where you're always admitted.
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