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  1. Congrats to everyone invited to Baylor. I'm a first-year NT student. Baylor's a good place. Rigorous, theological, good cohort of students. As for Wantingtogetinsomewhere's question about SBC students, I don't know of any students from SBC seminaries in any of the four subfields. Honestly, I'm not sure they'd want to come here anyway. That being said, we're a diverse student body that leans (in my opinion) progressive Evangelical, at least that seems to me the case with this fall's incoming class. There are certainly exceptions to that, but at least in the NT subfield, we are all at least somewhat interested in theological/ecclesial questions. I'm one of the more interested in those questions among those currently taking coursework. I'm Anabaptist, and I only feel a bit out of place. As for advice for preview weekend, I'd say the biggest thing is just to relax. You've made it to preview weekend, so they're intrigued by what you might add to the department community. It's cliche, but true: be yourself. Expect to get lots of questions about your interests and your SOP. The faculty are relatively easy to talk/connect with.
  2. Almost exactly the same thing happened to me last year. I started out with 163 V, 158Q, 4.5AW. I retook and scored a 162V, 157Q, 6.0AW. I was able to submit my highest scores to each of the schools to which I applied (BU, Duke, ND, Emory, PTS). If you get higher than a 4.5 on the writing, I would stay put. Your scores are just fine.
  3. 1) I visited three of the five schools to which I applied. The three that I visited where those that I was most excited about. These visits turned out to be extremely important for me, as they gave me a chance to get to know my POIs. I will say, though, that if you haven't visited at this point, it's probably too late. If not, you're getting close. 2) I first e-mailed my POI at each school. In one case, I had two POIs at the school (Baylor, where I ended up), so I e-mailed both. Then, most of these folks suggested I also get in touch with the other faculty to introduce myself. 3) I applied to 5 schools and got accepted to 4.
  4. For what it's worth, I had a 163V and a 156Q with a 4.5AW. I retook it and improved my writing to a 6.0. My other scores didn't improve, so I applied with 163V, 156Q, and a 6.0 (all my schools took composite scores), and I got into 4/5 programs. I'm convinced that my improved writing made a huge difference. I would definitely retake the test and focus on improving your writing.
  5. When I interviewed with PTS, they told me that they had hired a new Paulinist, but they weren't read to share his/her identity yet. I'm guessing it's Michael Gorman. He's there as a Luce Fellow this year, and he is a PTS alum. I also heard today that they hired Mark Smith (OT/HB/ANE) from NYU.
  6. The other admit hasn't decided yet, though I think she is leaning toward Baylor. Sorry
  7. Committed to Baylor! So excited to get started. Very difficult choice, but I am glad I made it.
  8. Just got waitlisted at Princeton Seminary. I interviewed, but I expected either to be waitlisted or rejected. Not a good fit at all.
  9. I really hope you hear good news from Baylor!
  10. Just got the letter too. Try logging out, closing your browser, then logging back in. It worked for me.
  11. Turned down Emory for NT. After getting into Baylor and now Duke, Emory was a clear third for me. I hope this opens up a spot for someone else!
  12. Got a call yesterday from Duke Divinity. Accepted to the ThD program.
  13. Got a call this morning from Emory. Admitted into the NT program!
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