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  1. Update: Resolution Well, things have gone about as well as they could. I took out my frustration cooking a complicated dinner (cooking is often my therapy), calmed my nerves, had a good sip of wine, and maybe cried a little. The next day I dove in to the problem. I contacted my advisor, the director of my department, folk I know in the overarching Graduate School. I explained to them my situation, the level of contrition that things had come to this, and solicited advice for how to proceed. Email and face-to-face meetings proceeded, though nothing as formal as a hearing; today all is reso
  2. Here's a doozy for me and my life, just looking to vent at this point. I'm a phd student in my second year of coursework. Due to some crazy life circumstance (including losing my hard drive in the last week of this past spring semester), I had an extension given on a class. Long story short, I didn't finish re-writing my paper by the deadline and asked for a second extension (which is allowed), instead of taking the options of letting me have an extension or just having the grade slide into a "permanent incomplete" which would just leave me with no credit for the course, the professor dec
  3. I took 8 years off between my undergrad and my master's. I started at 32, and now that I'm 37, I'm happily enjoying life as a PhD candidate. My take-away on having been in school for a while: (note, I'm also in a different field like @mdivgirl above) Perspective - I didn't quit my good job in another field, sell my house, and move across the country just for kicks. This is a degree that I wanted with a solid end-goal in mind. I took some classes and read a lot about my current field while not officially in school. This essentially gave me several homework-free classes. I did
  4. Congratulations @Kaede, @expandyourmind! Good job and best wishes in your future! Sadly, I didn't make it in this year. My hunt for additional funding continues... "Over 1,700 predoctoral applications were reviewed by panels composed of highly qualified scientists, engineers, and humanities scholars from across the nation. Since only 65 predoctoral awards are available, many deserving candidates could not be selected."
  5. Just say "NO!" I suck at this. But really: a) do I need to go to this to advance my career? b ) is the work that I will have to put off more or less important than the opportunity? For example: I was invited to participate in several events this semester in my field; I picked two, one that is actually required of me, and one that was a prime opportunity to network with folk who I hope to be my bosses in a couple of years.
  6. Hey @kit2138, First, congratulations! Just a thought - I'm an older student (37!) with kids in school and a spouse who works full time, and let me say, I'm often jealous of some of my younger colleagues' discretionary time. In seriousness though, despite coming into this game late, I have the utmost respect for my fellow students, old or young. Everyone has something to offer, and some of my best friends from my masters cohort were in their early 20s when we started. Just be honest with who you are, don't downplay your ideas or overly self-deprecate, and don't put up with people who refus
  7. Just and FYI from my experience - I went to WTS' fully-funded ThM. Had a great time and learned a lot, but be advised: It's a ton of work to get a ThM done in 1 year. The schools that let me in for my PhD (I'm in a legit & fully funded program now) told me that my ThM didn't matter, it was my completed M.Div. that got me in. Worth a thought --> you might be just as well off lecturing somewhere for a year and saving money, making connections, frequently visiting the schools you want to go to (helped in my case), and getting your name out there. Just my 2 cents, YMMV
  8. I also applied; PhD in ethics with a focus on interreligious cooperation and political responsibility. I'm in the first year of my program, but still have a few left. Also, first-time applicant too. Curious to see what shot I really have at this - guess we'll all find out soon!
  9. Wow, back on here after a year off the café. PhD world is fun folks, but as I'm learning, lots of work.

  10. @Gvh It's quite true. I have seen the actual reports that ETS sends to schools (as of 2015 & 2016) - as I said, they only send the score(s) that you submit, but they also tell how many times you took it and on what dates. That aside, I do agree - if you're an overall great candidate and you're scoring over 90%, it probably doesn't matter how many times you took it.
  11. @kaydaybug Sorry that this is a while in getting back to you, I've been kinda busy. You will see your verbal and quantitative scores immediately after you take the test, you then have the option of sending them to schools if you want to. If you don't, you still get to see your scores and you can send them later. The analytical score takes a couple of weeks to show up. In either case, you can check all of your scores using your ETS/GRE login that you create to schedule a test.
  12. I know a couple of people who were accepted in PhD programs after taking a few doctoral seminars as non-degree students and doing very well in them (specifically Poly Sci and Philosophy). But I also think it's kinda rare. The skeptic in me sees this is a way for universities to make some money - as a non-degree student you are likely ineligible for school funding and the FAFSA, so you have to pay cash up front or get a private loan. Is there a way that you can reach out to the current students to see if any of them took this track? Will your POI at American tell you if the department has accep
  13. @katys Honestly, I'm from the world of humanities, so I can't speak directly to audiology or SLP; but your post struck a chord with me, and I thought I'd share a little of my own experience. My first two years of college were terrible, even with really good grades in my junior and senior years, I still came out with a 2.55 overall. When application season came around, I put my best spin on it, but got nowhere. So, on to plan B. What does one do with a major in philosophy? Get a job in the cell-tower industry, obviously. I tried out a few career options along the way, but settled into the
  14. @Songbird222 @jujubea Absolutely! Kids are like the strongest motivation to get your work done 'cause a) I want to see them and spend time with them, I want to make them proud of me. Also, my kids are why I study what I study - I want make positive change for the future they will inherit. Besides, at least in fields like theology, philosophy, education - it really helps to be living a life where your studies hit reality. I deal in ethics - I can't imagine not having my busy, socially engaged life to inform my research and ideas.
  15. @marjorie_emc2 Definitely include your resume, though you might want to format it as a CV; that way you don't have to list lots of "I did x, y, and z" so that you have room to talk about other stuff in your statement of purpose. I.e. you can just say "while working in the healthcare industry..." instead of listing where and in what capacities. Another thing that you might consider - find one of the professors whose class you want to take, and meet with them. If you hit it off, having their word behind you will help your chances of being allowed in. When I was first considering entering graduat
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