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  1. poliscibi

    Ford Fellowship

    So are we expecting news back at the end of this month? My guess is March 21-29 we'll start to hear responses.
  2. poliscibi

    Soros Fellowship, 2018-19

    Rejected! Good luck with the rest of your season/semester, friends!
  3. poliscibi

    Soros Fellowship, 2018-19

    Here's info from a previous years' thread on a timeline:
  4. poliscibi

    Soros Fellowship, 2018-19

    This thought just hit me, too! We may not hear anything for a while then.
  5. poliscibi

    Ford PreDissertation Fellowship 2018

    No need!
  6. poliscibi

    Ford Fellowship

    Just submitted mine!
  7. poliscibi

    Soros Fellowship, 2018-19

    Good luck to everyone!
  8. poliscibi

    Soros Fellowship, 2018-19

    Submitted. Now we wait for January?
  9. poliscibi

    Soros Fellowship, 2018-19

    I am applying!
  10. Take the gap year. You’re hella competitive to get in, but burn out is real. I took a gap year and loved it. Tbh what you do during that time (“projects”) won’t matter as much as the application itself so if you gotta work as a temp for 10 months then do it. It’s worth it in the end. (Also a social scientist so our fields could differ on the last bit of advice.)
  11. This thread was AWESOME. Ran out of likes, but thank you all!
  12. poliscibi

    University of Maryland (UMD) - Fall 2018

    Hey! Political Science PhD here. =)
  13. poliscibi

    Strike Imminent: University of Illinois

    Dope story! Congrats!

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