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  1. So are we expecting news back at the end of this month? My guess is March 21-29 we'll start to hear responses.
  2. Rejected! Good luck with the rest of your season/semester, friends!
  3. Here's info from a previous years' thread on a timeline:
  4. This thought just hit me, too! We may not hear anything for a while then.
  5. Submitted. Now we wait for January?
  6. Take the gap year. You’re hella competitive to get in, but burn out is real. I took a gap year and loved it. Tbh what you do during that time (“projects”) won’t matter as much as the application itself so if you gotta work as a temp for 10 months then do it. It’s worth it in the end. (Also a social scientist so our fields could differ on the last bit of advice.)
  7. This thread was AWESOME. Ran out of likes, but thank you all!
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