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  1. I do not have any specific information about Delaware but I am sure that unlike UCF, it is an established program. I do not think it makes a big difference whether you get a security studies degree or political science but if you are interested in getting a job in intelligence organization, I believe UCF is a better option. However, given the limited resources UCF has, if you want to find a job in academia, I would suggest you avoid UCF. A friend of mine who is currently a PhD student at UCF told me that their method courses are not that good and students are only offered 3 methodology classe
  2. UCF does not have a political science program. The Ph.D. program at UCF is called security studies and probably for this reason, it is not even in the ranking. They have OK faculty and three years of funding.
  3. This is a great profile and logically should get you into a top 10 or at least top 20 program. I think there is something wrong with your SOP.
  4. The department will probably arrange a meeting between you and profs you mentioned in your sop. If they did not, you can ask them. With regard to your chances of admission, I believe if you did not have a chance, they would not invite you at all. I think you have a good chance. You can ask DGS about waitlist- whether it is short.
  5. You don't have to really publish it. Even if you get a revise and resubmit request, it still is better than doing a second master for 30k
  6. Try to publish something in a peer-reviewed journal and apply for an internship. They will help you more than an additional master's degree.
  7. Many accepted applicants are going to decline their offers and many others are waitlisted. So having information on declined offers could be really helpful for those who are waitlisted. Please post here if you have declined an offer to help others make their decisions! This will be great if you share school name, subfield, funding situation, and type of funding with others. School Name Subfield Funded/not funded Type of funding (fellowship or assistantship or combination)
  8. I don't know about your GRE score but here is some useful information about the average quant score for some of the doctoral programs over: UCSD: 162Chicago: 158Wisconsin–Madison: 159George Washington: 157Vanderbilt: 155Iowa: 157Binghamton: 155Washington University in St. Louis: 162Notre Dame: 158
  9. Does an offer without a funding package mean a polite rejection? The letter sent by DGS says that "...department's ability to provide funding is in flux" and that they will contact me immediately as soon as a funding package is available. I was wondering if anyone could interpret it
  10. Congrats! They interviewed me but I didn't get any phone call. I assume a bitter rejection.
  11. Is it possible a school asks for missing materials after an interview and then reject you? I mean, the school I applied to asked me for missing materials but I haven't heard from them after a week.
  12. OK, now I looked at the results. UA sent some out a few days ago but I feel the next wave is coming next week.
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