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  1. Hi all. Thanks for being so great through this process. I was fortunate enough to be accepted at UNC-Chapel Hill (Theory) early on in the process. I accepted their offer this morning. I am still haven't heard from Georgetown, Notre Dame, Chicago (presumed reject), or Northwestern (presumed reject). If accepted at any of those places, I'll decline. That's just an FYI for people who like to know their probability went up by the subtraction of a single n. Anyone who is going to the UNC prospective student weekend, feel free to message me. And, especially feel free if you're definitely going
  2. Starting to think decisions for Notre Dame and Georgetown are coming in March. Given the delay, and some comments above, it looks that way. (I hope not, but I am not holding my breath...back to my MA paper)
  3. I assume I am rejected at this point. They really don't seem to handle their rejections well (play on words intended).
  4. Congrats on your acceptances! I feel you. I applied to 13. Still waiting to hear from UPenn, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Northwestern, and Chicago. A few of those I assume are rejections at this point (NW and UC). I, like you, have received a lot of rejections. I am thankful I listened to the advice of a prof that recommended I apply to 10-20 programs. So glad I did.
  5. Congrats! Great school. You're theory right? I applied there for theory but haven't heard anything. --likely because they offered to you and someone else (I bet they are only taking a couple theory students).
  6. Just wanted you to know your username is DOPE
  7. Thanks both of you. Looks like I'll just be waiting it out. I'd say there is only a very small chance that I would be accepted there anyway.
  8. Who would I email at U Chicago to check on my application? (Basically just want verification that I have been rejected, so I can move forward). I emailed the grad college already, they just said "WAIT TIL THE END OF FEB AND BEGINNING OF MARCH" (They were more professional and nicer, but that was the gist). Any ideas?
  9. Started emailing him, then figured I should just shut up and wait. So, just going to wait. But, thanks for the tip.
  10. Yeah. Anyone have a sense of when it is appropriate to contact and ask?
  11. I'd say it is reasonable to expect to hear from these schools by the end of next week, perhaps earlier. Others I have forgotten, these are just the schools I still have on my radar. UPenn Cornell (Rejections as well, I think) Georgetown Brown (looks like they'll send rejections as well) Notre Dame (assuming they aren't done already)
  12. Really, don't read into it. You still have a shot.
  13. Congrats!! I *hope* I can also be accepted ... Though, since I haven't heard already, I doubt I'll be getting good news
  14. Strange. I applied to ND as a theory student as well. Haven't heard anything from them yet.
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