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  1. I can personally vouch for MAPSS for political science. I mostly know the theory results, but I think my entire poli sci cohort did well in PhD apps. For example, I know a comparativist who's staying at Chicago, one who's going to Brown, and another who's going to Princeton. Don't listen to the unwarranted vitriol-- if you put a lot of effort into MAPSS you can get a lot out of I'm (I'm starting at Yale this fall.)
  2. I think Chicago CIR would still be the better pick; I've heard great things about it, and nothing good about Columbia
  3. Thank you for letting me know! I'm not sure if I'm on a field-specific waitlist or a department-wide waitlist, but this is good news. Also, congrats on those amazing acceptances!
  4. Did anyone get into Yale + other schools and plan on going to one of the other schools?
  5. Also claiming a Penn acceptance for theory!
  6. How do you know that all acceptances have been sent out?
  7. I had a stress dream that they only accepted one theorist....
  8. I mentioned this earlier, but of the 13 schools to which I applied (I mistakenly said 12 in a previous post) only 4 have gotten back: Penn (interview), Wisconsin Madison, UCLA, and Princeton. If schools like Duke and Northwestern have sent out acceptances and rejections how I should interpret the silent treatment I feel like I'm receiving? Is it possible that my application is being further reviewed, or that I may be waitlisted?
  9. I'm with you on that. I applied to 12 programs and I've only heard back from 4, and one of the four was just an interview
  10. My notes tell me that if Chicago hasn't gotten to us yet they could respond as late as the 25th? But who knows at this point-- I was pretty sure they would sent out their wave last week...
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