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  1. Shall I retake the TOEFL

    I don't believe they care much about your TOEFL scores as long as you've made it to the cutoff, as @fuzzylogician said. The fact that "admitted students typically score at least 115" does not mean the ad comm will give your scores a second look after they check you fulfilled the minimun requirement. So unless the program clearly requires higher scores, I wouldn't bother retaking it. The only thing you have to pay attention to, I think, is the minimum score for certain funding packages. In UC Irvine, for example, you need a minimum score of 26 in the Speaking section to be eligible for funding.
  2. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    P.S.: oh, and I'm definitely going to ask for some advice, @ugurcanevci !!! Just waiting until I can digest things a bit
  3. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    First of all, congratulations to everyone accepted these last two weeks! I haven't been posting lately and I.was kind of avoiding coming here because I felt somewhat sad for the negative feedback I got for this cycle (though I expected it since I'd done everything in a rush, it still made me feel bad haha). I was accepted to NYU's MA and I am seriously considering it, since it's my only offer. (There is still one result to come in, but acceptances are out and it was a reaaaaally long shot, anyway, so I'm not counting on it). Even with this bittersweet ending to my cycle, I'd like to thank you all for the support and incentive you provided. To those of you still waiting, I hope you get good news soon XD Now I have a lot of thinking, talking and deciding to do haha.
  4. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Thanks! I was checking it using my phone, so no message appeared. I had to use my computer for that. Anyway, I was rejected (and told to apply for their Master of International Affairs program, though I guess that might be just a standard answer). I was expecting this, but it still stings :/
  5. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Got an email from UCSD telling me to check my application status on their website, but it still indicates Under Review as my status. I'm confused. Maybe I should email them?
  6. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    That's a great idea! XD
  7. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    The worst part of waiting for me is not being able to plan what I have to do next. Even if they're all rejections, knowing my results would allow me to think what to do and decide my next steps. I'm usually anxious, but the uncertainty of this wait is making it all the worse.
  8. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Congrats, @VMcJ !!
  9. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Oh, thanks, that was what I'd thought
  10. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    hm, I'm worried now. I thought I was supposed to send official undergrad transcripts just if I were accepted. Did I get that wrong?
  11. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Mine says the same, and it mentions my undergrad university
  12. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Congrats to all acceptances!!! I couldn't really keep up with this thread for the last days, but I think I won't be able to avoid coming here everyday now that the first week of Feb is approaching. O the anxiety .-.
  13. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Congrats, @StrengthandHonor !
  14. Strongest Political Theory Faculty (and why)

    Yale seems to be very strong in Theory as well, with big names like Benhabib (I don't know whether she's taking any students, though). I woudn't count on Stevens, though, because she's been involved in some trouble with other professor(s?) and last I heard she'd been banned from campus and from any contact with her students until the university finished their investigation or administrative procedures, not sure. (I don't know exactly what happened, but I guess knowing she won't be taking any students at least in the short term might be useful)
  15. Welcome to the 2016-17 cycle!

    Hi!! I am also from Brazil and have also majored in International Relations haha I hope we can both make it!! (I found your profile to be great, btw, at least from what I've learned here). My subfields are IR and PT, with a focus on sovereignty and borders (broadly speaking).