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  1. For those of you who are still waiting to hear from UBC (PhD): I e-mailed them and was told they have not finished sending out decisions and they will likely finish doing so by the end of next week.
  2. It probably means you're being considered for MAPSS. That happened to me once
  3. Thank you, that is good advice! And congrats!! I'll hold out hope a bit longer, but if I don't get any news by the beginning of next week, I'll contact them.
  4. Should I give up on UBC by now? I've applied to their PhD, but haven't heard anything yet. Do they send out acceptances in a single batch?
  5. Rejected by Chicago PhD, but accepted to MAPSS. Finally some news! This also closes my application cycle, so thank you guys for all the support and good luck on all your journeys
  6. Since you already have a Masters, I think it's a bad idea to get into any debt to get another one.
  7. When this happened to me last cycle, when my decision came, it was an acceptance to their MA program.
  8. Just got my Northwestern decision (a rejection)... on a Sunday, of all days. Well, there are still a couple of decisions to wait for, but I'm not very optimistic. I think I'll fail again this cycle
  9. Just received my Brown rejection. Woke up to an email to check website. Oh well, at least they didn't drag this any longer
  10. Congrats to the Brown and Maryland admits!! Still haven't heard from any of the schools I've applied to (including Brown), so things aren't looking that good for me right now. Let's hope
  11. I guess it's a rejection from Chicago if I haven't heard yet maybe they'll accept me for an MAPSS spot in March, let's see how it goes
  12. I second @ilyosha on this, though I've been culturally conditioned here in my country to call everyone by their first name haha
  13. Congrats to everyone who got acceptances!!! No news from Northwestern as well, assuming rejection (though my hopeful heart keeps telling me I might be waitlisted haha). Also, from what was mentioned by someone here and previous cycles, I expect Chicago's acceptances to be sent tomorrow or on Friday. The anxiety is really killing me this time; since last week it's been quite hard to focus on writing my thesis . Anyway, let's see how it goes.
  14. Hey everyone! This is my second cycle, and I am hoping against hope that I get into one of the programs I've applied to (Though I did set myself to try one more time if all goes badly). The only thing that has helped with the waiting is now I am writing my Master's thesis and this is keeping me busy. Lurking the forum sometimes also helps, and last cycle I met amazing people who were very helpful and supportive. But I also learned last cycle that coming here too often just peaked my anxiety levels, so I've been more controled this year (or have tried to be, anyway haha). And cong
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