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  1. I'm not very familiar with your specific fields of interest, but the "hybrid" political science/economics departments (i.e. Stanford GSB, Harvard PEG, Caltech, etc.) along with the public policy schools (Princeton WWS, Chicago Harris) probably offer what you are looking for. Graduates seem able to go on both the political science and economics job markets. Some schools, like Harvard PEG, require you to choose between political science and economics tracks, which might affect your approach to political economy and which job market to target.
  2. I received a portal update yesterday stating that I am waitlisted. I assume that if they've sent out wait list notifications then they're done with acceptances as well.
  3. You didn't waste anyone's time! Never fault yourself for trying. The fact that you put in the effort to apply to PhD programs in the first place already speaks to your dedication and ambition. This is actually my second cycle. I fared poorly on my previous attempt. I focused on improving my application to have one more try and this time around I've been extremely fortunate to get several good options. Don't lose hope!
  4. Same!! IR subfield. Amazed and shocked.
  5. To me, the recent UM updates on the results page seem fake. One of them even has the exact same quote as earlier spam, i.e. "This one hurts."
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