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  1. One possible benefit of GW is that your tuition/scholarship is "portable" among the Consortium universities. I'm a Georgetown student but take methods at GW. In principle you could take stats/methods classes anywhere in the Consortium. And there are a lot of them. The catch is that you need instructor permission / it can take time to get to know people to get instructor permission / it's hard to do a coherent stats "sequence" in two semesters. If this is something you're interested in, Pm me and we can discuss ways to navigate the universe of DC-area stats options! Personally I think DC
  2. She said Yes!!! She is Yale. Claiming an admit, slightly hysterically. Edit: notified by POI email.
  3. Unfortunately Unfortunately, we cannot... Unfortunately Are unable to recommend... We attract the best: brighter, younger things. We cannot extend An invitation to you, unfortunately. Many thousands of qualified applicants — And then there’s you. What’s a committee to do? Dossiers on dossiers, friends of friends Commend them to us in the millions: The quickest, steeliest, wiliest applicants you’ve ever seen, Sharp-elbowed and ravenous. They’ve got the stuff, and what it takes. But not you. We can’t say yes, and them’s the brakes. Somewhere else you
  4. Yeah, probably not. But it's probably worth entering the lottery for Nuffield funding if they'll let you -- it's a fairly sizeable cash prize. Or to St Anthony's for a better social experience with more social science students (but no extra shot at funding) if that's appealing. (Or to Worcester, if you like ducks.)
  5. Some years graduated and not entirely au fait with trends, so take this fwiw: Nuffield and St Anthony's probably make the most sense as colleges for grad study in Politics, and Nuffield now offers guaranteed funding to those it admits; I'd be surprised if it wasn't a disadvantage in getting funding at Nuffield not to apply to Nuffield. Beyond those two, I think choice of college is mostly aesthetics/quality of housing/life stuff, though you may know of some other college specific funding sources I don't. As to your actual question, I don't know whether you can ask to be considered by Nuf
  6. What do you call Kremlinology when instead of the Kremlin, it's the Harvard Government Department?
  7. Could it be an as-yet-unannounced wait list, or d'ya think they haven't sent out American rejections? (Anyone claiming an American rejection?) I'm pretty sure I checked the box that said: "Nice Try, But Under No Circumstances Am I Going To Pay For Another Master's Degree."
  8. I'm also American, so it's possible Columbia has come down with a case of...the staggers
  9. hmm neither acceptance nor rejection in portal... looks like I'm gonna F5 every 30 seconds until that one gets resolved. Edit: If anyone else is in this particular liminal space, hit me up!
  10. I think it's more likely they're just being slow this year...
  11. This is probably worth another thread rather than going here (one that can then be mocked on poliscirumors) but for my cents it's a great example of the internet's tendency to become a gross, mysoginistic sewer when left unattended... Political science, like every other academic discipline, should be a welcoming, diverse community of people who love what they do, strive to do interesting, worthwhile things, and treat each other with respect and empathy. It should be a place that everyone on this board, and many more people who are not on this board, should be justifiably enthusiastic abou
  12. A gradcafe user who during the height of applications season hasn't checked their email in a week. I'm impressed and slightly jealous Also, Kathy Anderson is the Chicago administrator and sender yep.
  13. I always think of what the Duke says in Measure for Measure..."Be absolute for death; either death or life / Shall thereby be the sweeter. "
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