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  1. I don't think that being an international applicant without a degree from the US makes much difference. I also personally think that if they made the decisions so quickly, that's kinda better than taking too long and torturing me with false hopes.
  2. Theory, and I had an interview. My portal is still in review too!
  3. I just got an email from UW-Madison that they recommended me for admission!!
  4. In fact it is 23rd here now 😛. Maybe the writer was East Asian lol.
  5. I'm waiting for the northwestern result too! My portal hasn't changed but congratulations to those who got the admissions!
  6. I think the post was for the question of 1a/1p/1r/ etc thing, not the result lol
  7. Looks like northwestern is sending out results? I didn't get mine and my portal hasn't changed, but there's one international theory acceptance there, so I guess I didn't get in
  8. looks like Notre Dame sent out interview requests according to the results page. I didn't get one, and my status did not change at the portal either oh and congratulations to those who got admission from OSU :)!!
  9. I’m not an insider yet, first of all 😅 For some of the questions, I think that poliscirumors.com might be helpful a bit? They have all the rumors about job placements and tenures etc etc. But I’m not sure if it’s a “good” website though
  10. Is there any international applicant here at the gradcafe? I heard that some universities in the East, such as Harvard, sent out their interview requests to international applicants. Did you get any? If so, would you mind sharing it with us here?
  11. In my opinion, while cGPA is more important than graduate GPA, admission committees would take high graduate GPA kind of for granted. If you get high graduate GPA, it will not have much impact on your application, but if you have low graduate GPA, they will be suspicious. Especially since the institution is not an American one, I think. I think that language and research experience are also important as well. I don't think it's impossible to work on your graduate GPA, language, and research experience is impossible... I agree with Mixedmethodsisa4letterword that you are likely to be competing with other Chinese applicants or applicants who speak Chinese fluently.
  12. Is there any international applicants here? I heard that many universities that typically do not conduct an interview with an American applicant conduct interviews with international applicants. Any news?
  13. I did my interview with UW Madison as well. The professor told me that they are likely to (since the schedule may anyway change!) let us know the results at the end of the month.
  14. Mine is theory, and the interview schedule shared at the result page seems to be a different subfield. I don’t know what it is though..
  15. Another theory applicant here :)! Good luck to you too, Artifex_Archer!
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