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  1. 1. Yes, that was an inappropriate response 2. Yes, you should discuss the incident with your advisor -- not so much to receive a spanking as to put your mind at ease and figure out any field/subfield-specific steps for going forward (I'm not sure how small your discipline's scholarly circle is, for instance, and different disciplines have different codes of decorum) 3. ...'A weasel and a scoundrel'? Personally, I would print that response, frame it, and possibly consider getting business cards made.
  2. No. I went to Chicago for my MA and throughout the year worked with a handful of Committee faculty as well as students. I never received the impression that students were at all involved in evaluating applications.
  3. It's a small program, and it's happened before that no CST admits have posted on GC -- just non-admits (check previous years and you'll find a few instances of this being the case). It's even more difficult to suss out whether admission notifications have been sent, since sometimes they notify everyone all at once, and sometimes they do a weird stagger-dance. Afraid I can't read between the lines on this one...
  4. Clarification: did they mention they’d notified admitted students yet? Sorry about your news, though. Always a bummer.
  5. Word. I’m still waiting to hear from them as well. They’re not typically this late in announcing admissions, so I’m not exceptionally optimistic, but then again they often notify admits and non-admits at the same time and the results board has been totally quiet for them thus far (o hi trolls reading this who will now post admission stats...) Guess we’ll see relatively soon, eh? Best of luck to both of us. Congratulations on putting yourself out there.
  6. I'd defer to @scarseed. I want to classify it as more continental, but in some cases, it almost feels like evaluating analytic philosophy through a continental lens (or vice versa).
  7. Ooh. My very limited knowledge of US Political Science programs writ large, and my only slightly less limited knowledge of new materialism, tells me Duke may still be a good bet for you. Depending on how different things play out over the next few years, both within and beyond the university, I can even see Chicago going more in this direction—maybe not department-wide, but you'd see more people specializing in it. Perhaps. I'm not sure about this final one—and it might be too outside political theory—but what about History of Consciousness at UCSD? Karen Barad might be doing someth
  8. Ran out of reactions for today (eek) but ^this. Aside from not having shrimp allergies (but I'm veggie, so shrimp is a non-starter anyhow) and wanting to know a little more about the 'power/respect' point (though I might still agree)... yes. Also, using emojis instead of words. There was actually a really freaky episode of the Ricky Gervais podcast ages and ages ago where Karl Pilkington 'predicts' the future, everyone balks at him, and now just about everything he talks about—including our regression to hieroglyphics via emojis—has since come to pass in one way or another.
  9. Please don't take this as me trying to polish a cow turd (i.e., the fact that 'striking out' can be really devastating). I just wanted to say that maybe you're similar to me in that the actual creative/introspective elements of the application process were really fun. I dug writing my personal statements, it was fun to revise my writing sample, I got to admire my CV, say nice things about myself, and be grateful for how far I've come, regardless of where I go next. Hopefully you learned a lot about what you love, and thought about how to pursue those things through a variety of avenues—not jus
  10. First, congratulations again! Second, was it Kathy's name in the 'sender' line? I'm thinking of biting the bullet and checking my email this weekend, since a closer scrutiny of the results board reveals the other department I'd been waiting on sometimes doesn't notify until the tail end of the month. ...But since I haven't checked my email for about a week now, my inbox is bound to be pretty messy, and I'd like to expedite the process via the handy-dandy Search function. Do you mind me asking you for at least part of the sender's name, so I know what to look for? (I can't type 'Chica
  11. I just snorted. Audibly. At work. Everyone is looking at me.
  12. If you're feeling gutsy, you can reach out to a POI, especially if you've made contact already. Technically, the Grad Admissions Office is right: acceptances/rejections are not official until early March, when offers are posted on portals, etc. This is because some departments have waiting lists, and there are random housekeeping issues/loose ends that need to be tied up/other technicalities I neither know nor understand nor care to, and they can't definitively tell you it's over—because they themselves don't know—until that date. So I'd say a POI is your best bet for the moment.
  13. Unfortunately, this varies so much it's virtually impossible to say. Some departments will send them out all at once; others will 'stagger' them by subfield; still others will send out a wave of offers to their first tier of applicants, follow with a second, and so on. This can also change, within the same school, from year to year. The way this uncertainty--over how different universities notify applicants of admissions decisions--plays out on GradCafe has made me want to start trending the hashtag #maybetheyrestaggering
  14. @Asaid It's more that I ask myself how I could bear with the decision letter NOT being in my inbox, and having to decide how much faith to place in Social Thought admitting me (a statistical near-impossibility, all things being equal). I'd prefer it all over and done with at once. @Ayerbender I'd expect the adcomm for MAPSS is different from the adcomm for the poli-sci PhD. And I'd also expect that no one is actually going to deny admission just because you asked a question. As I understand it, the individual who responds to queries is not responsible for candidates' admission. As for co
  15. Again, I'm not sure what their policy is on wait lists this year. It never hurts to ask! (Think of it this way: the decision is already made; you risk nothing by bugging them. )
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