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  1. when would Princeton send out their acceptances and when would Columbia Classics....anyone has an idea?
  2. You have already got result from Columbia Classics program? And waiting for classical studies? No news for me for the classics PhD.
  3. iam precisely an international student....So does every student need an interview and when will they send out acceptance? Normally it should be the end of January?
  4. someone has posted Chicago interview on the result page, which seems to me as a plausible date (Jan 13) according to past record. Feeling sad.
  5. Thank you hadrianic! Wish you very good luck! No...I did not even get this advertising email. What do you mean by 'with a link to my application'...is that an email specific for you or a standard email? Very anxious about UChicago..
  6. Thanks! Which school asked the language training! I am curious in what form they asked and how to answer.
  7. Not sure what is going on in Chicago. They should have had a faculty meeting on the 23th of January, but still no news...
  8. They have already decided the date for admitted students? With no interviews or other notifications received, feel panic...
  9. But usually the result page is not so updated, so I hope that people can share news here!
  10. this week is almost past...my email box is silent...
  11. Congratulations for Yale and UCSB interviews and UMich admissions! I didn’t apply to these...Still anxious waiting emails. Anyone has heard anything from Chicago, Columbia, NYU, Princeton, Harvard?
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