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  1. Ah well. Sounds like I won't be at UMich -- no formal rejection yet, but I won't be surprised when it comes. Bummer, but I've sent out a lot of applications so I'm sure I'll end up somewhere. Maybe I'll head to Michigan in a few years for the PhD.
  2. From what I've heard it seems that the invites have been sent out by the interdepartmental programs (and maybe not by Classics alone, yet). There's still hope!
  3. Hey! I also applied to Tulane. I haven't received any emails with specific dates, but when I submitted I got a generic email saying that decisions would be made 3-4 weeks after the deadline, so I guess that matches up. The most recent decision posted on the results page is from a few years back and it was around Feb 27, but I'd be kind of surprised if we heard anything before early March; when I spoke to a prof there, they told me that they usually wait until after Mardi Gras (which is feb 25 this year) to make decisions lol
  4. Same here! For anyone reading this...please share your results, we are suffering 😭
  5. Same here. I'm feeling pretty anxious. The good news is that based on the results page it seems that results are trickling in very, very slowly, so hope is certainly not lost! Hang in there!
  6. I'm still waiting on Princeton as well -- seems like last year they took forever! Congrats! That's amazing. I hope we'll be in the same cohort next year (well I guess not technically the same cohort, but I hope we'll be getting there at the same time lol) -- send good vibes for me!
  7. Holy crap! That's awesome, congrats! I'm waiting on UMich for the bridge MA... good to know they're starting to make decisions, but also horrifying that it could be coming so soon! Did you have an interview with them first?
  8. Hi! Also very anxious for this week! It feels like news (good or bad) could come any day now. It's been radio silence for me (except for the "Thanks, we'll add it to your file!" when I've had updates to my CV). Though for the programs whose deadlines have passed, I believe they meet to review everything after winter break so that should be happening soon if it isn't already. Has anyone heard anything from bridge/pre-doc programs yet?
  9. David Wright is awesome! I follow him, too! I'm glad to see Rutgers is doing this -- even if it means I have a whole other app to finish now lol
  10. That's awesome! I'm presenting at a Classics conference at Columbia in February, so maybe I'll see you there!
  11. Awesome! Good luck! If you don't mind me asking, where did you do your MA?
  12. Awesome! I applied to MA programs at Boston College, CU Boulder, Tulane, and Michigan (bridge), the pre-doc fellowship at Princeton, and the bridge to the doctorate program at UVA.
  13. Did you apply to MA or PhD programs? I also applied to Princeton for their pre-doc fellowship!
  14. Thanks @ClassicsCandidate! Feel free to drop any nuggets of wisdom 😉 Anyone else freaking out that it's about to be January so we'll probably start hearing things this month...? I'm losin it over here!
  15. Just a bit of info for y'all since I know it's a stressful time and more info is always welcome: I've been chatting with folks at the schools I applied to and it seems mid-late January is when we might start hearing things about interviews and admissions decisions as early as February. Most schools will have you come stay for a weekend to visit campus and get a sense of what the department is like and that typically happens in late Feb or March, so they have to have enough time to get that all sorted out, meaning admissions decisions have to come at least a few weeks before then. Hope that helps!!
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