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  1. I think you sound like a very qualified applicant! After you decide where to apply, I would start reaching out to professors whose research areas overlap with your interests at schools you're interested in. Boston University has an excellent PhD program, but there are many great programs throughout the US. Best of luck!
  2. Has anyone seen any movement on waitlists? I know Krispy2020 got off a PhD waitlist, but I'm curious about MA applicants as well.
  3. The only schools I've yet to hear from with any definite decisions are ones where I've been waitlisted; I have heard from everyone either by them contacting me or me contacting them. If you haven't heard, I'd say it's reasonable to reach out and ask -- that's what I did for one of the schools I applied to, and they let me know I was waitlisted.
  4. Wondering what you all think of this: A while back I emailed my top choice (where I'm waitlisted) about my status on the waitlist. I got a reply the other day that said I am "very much still in the running" and that it is "entirely possible" I'll receive an offer. They closed by saying they "hope to be in touch with good news soon." Are they just being nice? The email felt very encouraging, but I'm just not sure -- do I have a very real chance? This program only takes 2 people per year and I'd sell my kidney to go. Do programs with small acceptance rates typically have a smaller waitlist? I feel like this has raised a ton of questions! Now I'm on the edge of my seat again, waiting for an update lol. 2 weeks until we all have to commit 😳
  5. I am so happy for you! That is an excellent program!
  6. I also emailed earlier this week and was told that I am basically waitlisted. That makes three waitlists 😩
  7. I know many of you know this, but if you know for sure you are or aren't going to a certain program, please let them know! I am in the unfortunate position of being on several waitlists for great programs and am starting to feel the pressure of the ticking clock.
  8. I got that email as well. Did you receive a formal notice of being waitlisted?
  9. Hm, then I'm at a loss. Maybe those who haven't heard are basically waitlisted and haven't heard yet because they're waiting to see who accepts/declines? I have no clue.
  10. Hey, I heard back from Rutgers -- same deal for me, got in but no funding. As for Tulane, I know they've sent half-ish of their decisions; a friend there let me know that they are basically taking half philology/lit people, and half material culture/archaeology people; one from each will get funding. Philology has sent out their decisions but I'm on the material culture side and haven't heard yet. Hope that helps!
  11. Uhh any advice on asking programs you still haven't heard from about updates? I realize that everyone's timeline has been impacted by COVID-19 and safety/health is a top priority, but I also need to know so I can make a decision!
  12. I'm also worried about this. I think speaking with current graduate students and, if possible, other accepted students might be the best way to get the information you need to decide. I'm also planning on asking for photos of the offices and department space -- I want to see where I'll be working for the next few years!
  13. Congrats! Did you apply for the PhD? I'm applying for bridge and MA programs, so I think the timeline is a bit different; the application for the bridge at UVA didn't close until March 1 so I feel like they wouldn't have sent out their admissions that early!
  14. Okay word! I'm going for the MA so the timeline is probably different. They just emailed me about an interview last night!
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