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  1. Thanks. I was taken aback by how violent the reaction was. I understand that a lot of publications have a strict policy regarding multiple submissions, but it was an honest mistake and I didn't think it merited that kind of response. Especially since I was apologetic and explained the situation, owning up to my mistake before they could run it or even pass it on to their other editors.
  2. Hi all, I'm a Masters' student in my first semester. I wrote an academic book review as part of a class assignment and then sent it out for consideration. Because I was submitting to websites I was not strict about submitting to only one, and so messed up and wrote to two. When I explained to the second (after they responded) that I would not be able to give them the review and apologised profusely for my mistake, I got an abusive response calling me a 'weasel and a scoundrel' and telling me to talk about this behaviour with my faculty advisor. Now I'm aware that it was a mistake,
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