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  1. Hey all!! Thought I would let everyone know that there’s a new Facebook group (some of us were also stressed out by Draft) it’s not super serious but there’s a very active group chat to accompany it! It’s a closed group called “a n g s t”. Theres about 15-20 of us and we’d love the company!
  2. Is your OSU Ohio state? People in MFA Draft ‘19 on Facebook have started hearing back I believe.
  3. OnBeingKenn


    I'm only 21. I figured people are typically in or near their 30's and my age would be a disadvantage haha
  4. Wow, seems like we're all in a similar boat. I'm kind of missing the waiting process. After I sent my app out for the University of Arizona it's getting harder to dredge through the rest. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of us. Hopefully, we all find a program (with good funding). At this point I just want to know where I'm going (if anywhere)
  5. Does she write in any genre and has she considered the MFA? You usually don't need a background in English or Writing, but obviously you need to be passionate about writing aspect. This may be an option is she's interested in teaching college-level English or writing courses.
  6. I applied last year straight from my undergrad program with no publishing under my belt. I applied to 4 programs and was admitted to two of them with 50% funding to both. I wanted to go to Pratt Institute, but it was out of my price range. I deferred, just in case I want to take out 40k in loans. This year I am going the fully funded route and it seems the programs place less weight on publications and more on your ability to teach. I just submitted to the University of AZ (fully funded) and they specifically asked you to write about your experience in the classroom. However, they also made sure to note that it was okay if you didn't have any and they were trying to gauge what resources the incoming cohort may need in that department. It really depends on the program, but more than anything the quality of your portfolio is the key. edit: I should also have mentioned that I graduated a year early from my undergrad program and started applying when I was 20.
  7. Why I am putting myself through this again? I do not have an answer, but I am here. Anyone else out there going through the portfolio/statement of purpose process, still? My first application goes out next week (University of Arizona). I am beyond nervous. How do you decide when everything is "done"? When is anything ever done, haha
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