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  1. Hey all!! Thought I would let everyone know that there’s a new Facebook group (some of us were also stressed out by Draft) it’s not super serious but there’s a very active group chat to accompany it! It’s a closed group called “a n g s t”. Theres about 15-20 of us and we’d love the company!
  2. Is your OSU Ohio state? People in MFA Draft ‘19 on Facebook have started hearing back I believe.
  3. OnBeingKenn


    I'm only 21. I figured people are typically in or near their 30's and my age would be a disadvantage haha
  4. Wow, seems like we're all in a similar boat. I'm kind of missing the waiting process. After I sent my app out for the University of Arizona it's getting harder to dredge through the rest. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of us. Hopefully, we all find a program (with good funding). At this point I just want to know where I'm going (if anywhere)
  5. Does she write in any genre and has she considered the MFA? You usually don't need a background in English or Writing, but obviously you need to be passionate about writing aspect. This may be an option is she's interested in teaching college-level English or writing courses.
  6. I applied last year straight from my undergrad program with no publishing under my belt. I applied to 4 programs and was admitted to two of them with 50% funding to both. I wanted to go to Pratt Institute, but it was out of my price range. I deferred, just in case I want to take out 40k in loans. This year I am going the fully funded route and it seems the programs place less weight on publications and more on your ability to teach. I just submitted to the University of AZ (fully funded) and they specifically asked you to write about your experience in the classroom. However, they also mad
  7. Why I am putting myself through this again? I do not have an answer, but I am here. Anyone else out there going through the portfolio/statement of purpose process, still? My first application goes out next week (University of Arizona). I am beyond nervous. How do you decide when everything is "done"? When is anything ever done, haha
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