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  1. Writer M

    Is anyone else just way too anxious?

    I'm depressed, more than anything. One of my programs asked for more information for the Graduate Teaching Assistantship and I sent the wrong file. I sent them the right one fifteen minutes later and asked them to disregard the first file. Hopefully they will and this won't blow my chances. What do y'all think?
  2. Writer M

    Post Your Backup Plan

    Hopefully I won't need a backup plan. I've thought about it though. Travel was a backup plan but I'm trying to save money. Maybe retreats and art classes while I apply to more programs. I've decided against applying to counseling programs since I was SO close last year. Maybe try to tackle the GRE.
  3. Writer M

    Creative Writing MFA – What do you write?

    Yep. Coming of age stories here too and lesbian themed writing. My current portfolio has a few stories of freshmen in college, women using a sperm bank for the first time, and some retrospectives. Lots of holiday-themed writing as well. I also like to incorporate a surreal element when I can.
  4. Last year I misread the email informing me I was on the waitlist since it had one sentence that said something like "hang tight"-- then there was another sentence which I missed after that which said to email them back if you wanted to remain on the waitlist. Please tell me I'm not the only one something like this has ever happened to. To make matters even worse, they were already emailing me about teaching assistantships! So when I saw "hang tight" I didn't think I had to do anything but wait. ? So now I'm reapplying and hoping I get in. I can't believe this happened.
  5. Writer M


    HI, I'm wondering how old everyone applying to MFA programs is. I'm in my thirties and definitely feeling like I should have applied in my twenties. If I knew then what I know now. Thanks...
  6. Writer M

    MFA Draft?

    I applied to join on Facebook several days ago and my join request is still pending. Does anyone know what's up? I really want to see what's there. Thanks.
  7. Writer M


    Oh my god. I was waitlisted at NAU last year and I misread the email-- I thought it just said we'd be contacted if a spot opened up and completely missed the part where it said to respond by April 15 if we wanted to remain on the waitlist. ? I'm reapplying and hoping this time I get in! There aren't really any other programs I'm interested in.

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