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  1. Feminist and queer theory sections can be so fun! I think it depends on if you think your class would respond better to a group reading versus a more individualized, culturally responsive approach (working out the lesson based on the backgrounds of your students)? E.g., reading and discussing "Fun Home," (or another text) versus having students find their own examples of queer feminist texts and having them identify and present those elements to their classmates. Or providing a list of possible texts that students could choose from. Or, you could also do queer feminist readings of advertising and/or other cultural artifacts.
  2. Hey y’all! Glad to see this thread—I also didn’t really want to participate in the MFA Draft, but I’ll keep an eye out for a n g s t. I also got rejected from Ohio, but I have eight more applications in the running: Oregon State (fiction&poetry), Colorado State (fiction&poetry), Wisconsin-Madison (poetry), NC Wilmington (fiction), and publishing MA’s at DePaul and Emerson. I couldn’t pick a genre so I decided to just apply double to a couple of programs and let them decide what I’m better at lol
  3. Just got my rejection today too! Hope the rest of your apps turn out well!
  4. I'm applying to OSU too! Haven't heard back yet, but it seems like last year they sent out acceptances for CNF first, then poetry, then fiction (probably based on the number of applications they get). Based on last year, it seemed they sent out a lot of rejections around January 30? (next week––yikes) I'll be keeping an eye on this thread and let you know when/what kind of response I get. Good luck!!
  5. If I don't get in I wouldn't be too bummed out. I saved a lot of money living at home during undergrad so I could maybe finally take a break from stressing out full-time and get a local consulting job or something at the community writing center. Consulting's been the most rewarding job I had all through undergrad and I could maybe even spend some more time exercising and working on mental health. I'd have time to remember how to do math for the GRE and I'd reapply to even more schools the next year.
  6. The anxiety is so real!! One of my schools started sending out acceptances two weeks ago for the other concentrations in the program, so I'm expecting a response in my area next week or the one after :0 Honestly what I think is worse than the anxiety of waiting for a rejection/acceptance is that while I'm waiting, I start to worry that I'm not cut out for grad school or that if I mess up my thesis in my final semester it means that I spent months applying to programs that I'm not good enough for. I put too much pressure on myself ?
  7. @K8* That's so cool! My original plan a year or two ago was to mostly apply to NYC schools (small queer, big dreams lol) but that turned out to not be financially feasible. But I'm happy with the schools I applied to in the West & Mid-West. The biggest city school I applied to is in Chicago which sounds both exciting and intimidating since I grew up in smaller towns.
  8. Cool! I could only fit 1-2 stories in my writing samples, since mine tend to run a little long for the page limits ?
  9. Hi everyone! I saw that Ohio State started sending out acceptances already :0 but the rest of us still have at least a month or two to wait. It's my first time applying to MFA programs and I was curious––what do y'all like to write about? What kind of work did you put in your samples (because I'm pretty sure we all worry about sending in something too cliché lol)? I personally enjoy writing coming-of-age stories that are a bit surreal/whimsical ?and queer––of course.
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