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  1. Hey everyone! Hope y'all have been well. So far I've been accepted at Northern Michigan, CU Boulder, and University of Miami. I turned down the first two, but today I got a waitlist email from Indiana for poetry-- Is there anyone else on here that applied for poetry at Indiana and did (or did not) get this email? It was really form-like and I'm trying to figure out if they just waitlist everyone. Also--are there any other university of Miami admits on here that would want to talk? Thanks y'all!!
  2. Thanks so much for this. I totally echo this sentiment. This is my second year applying too and I'm already getting discouraged but the past year has been so amazing and I've met new people, gained new influences, and developed personally in ways I couldn't have if I had been accepted anywhere last year. I just have to keep reminding myself that there's so many things that I can do, and that no matter I'll keep writing. Congrats on all the acceptances and waitlists, y'all! Lets keep em coming!
  3. Got moved to Phase II of Ole Miss for poetry! Woohoo! I saw someone post about getting a voicemail from Indiana, but nothing about acceptance just like a general voicemail. Has anyone else heard back from them (Indiana) ?
  4. yep seems like everyone else is getting the same... brace yourself, rejection is coming 😓
  5. I just got an email telling my status changed but its still update pending :???
  6. anybody else's umass application portal say "update pending"?
  7. UMass sending poetry acceptances out🤢
  8. Also, don't know if anyone else applied for Indiana, but here's part of the email they sent me when I finished my application. "Your application file will be advanced to the Admissions Committee in January, where it will receive its deserved full attention. Generally our committee has completed its first round of readings by the first week of February and have begun to make offers of admission. It is possible for applicants to be offered admission up to April 15th, depending on the acceptance rate from our first round." That's this week 😳
  9. Welcome! I think we're all feeling that sense of anxiety, so we're in this together. Good luck!
  10. Congrats everyone on their acceptances!! I'm hoping there's a lot more of those posts in the next couple weeks-- for Ole Miss, I think they said they'll post the names of their phase 2 applicants on their website and contact those people. I'm a little nervous about my Ole Miss application because in the last poem in the manuscript there was a period at the end of the line that shouldn't have been there, but I didn't want to contact them again because I had already spoken to them...also I decided the period might actually work lol. So many Fiction acceptances! What's going on, scho
  11. Has anyone heard about Purdue notifying poetry applicants? There's only fiction on the results page
  12. Wow that's really cool! I don't think I've read much welsh poetry, do you have any recs for me? Also, it looks like they really engage with whatever type of translation you want!
  13. Thanks so much! and yesss!!! UNLV looks like such a great program, it would be so cool to learn more about translation and study abroad!
  14. Thanks for the support y'all! I applied 16 places, but my top are Michener, New Writers Project, Purdue, UMass Amherst, and UNLV. Looks like Purdue started notifying today 😕
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