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  1. Well, only a week until April 15th. Good luck to all my other waitlisted people!
  2. I can't tell you much about Portland State, but I can say this-- I would kill for an oppurtunity to work with D.A. Powell or Ari Banias at University of San Francisco! Jennifer Cheng & Micah Ballard too. They're all incredibly talented & I know from reading many interviews of Powell that he's a passionate and innovative teacher. If I don't get into Michener off the waitlist I'm about to move to Berkeley & and work on writing for another year before reapplying. The whole Bay Area--SF, Oakland, and Berkeley-- just has such a great writing community that I think that would be another benefit of U of SF. Good luck choosing!
  3. My friend has heard back from riverside for poetry, and was waitlisted. Congrats on Queens College!
  4. I'm not sure about the waitlist, they couldn't tell me any information on it; but I feel like I am high up at least because the director of the program in his email (which I know wasn't a form email because he misspelled my name haha) said that he really admired my work and would love to have me there. I just really hope someone declines, this program is truly the dream and if not I'll have to do god knows what to do for the next year until I reapply places. Do you think it's a bad idea for me just to call back and just let them know I'm still interested?
  5. I'm in pain here y'all. I'm trying to figure out what I'm gonna do for the next year, waiting to see if I make it off the waitlist and into Michener for poetry. I don't think there's a chance of me getting in but I don't understand why everyone wouldn't have accepted by now if they were notified a month and a half ago...so maybe someone is waiting to get in somewhere else off a waitlist just like I am waiting to get into Michener. I suppose I'll have to wait till April 15th... If anyone knows anyone who got accepted into Michener for poetry and might turn down let me know, this is killing me.
  6. Well I've been rejected almost everywhere...still waiting on Brown and NYU (though they've already sent out acceptances so...). HOWEVER, I did get waitlisted for Michener which is completely wild. Does anyone know how the waitlist works-- I'm a poetry applicant, so does a poetry admit have to decline in order for me to get accepted? Or is the waitlist rated regardless of genre and the next person gets admitted regardless of the genre the declinee (shouts out to english majors making up words) applied in? Thanks for any info!
  7. Ahhhhhhh. Been rejected from OSU, UMass Amherst, and Michigan so far. Starting to get discouraged but I just have to keep reminding myself I'm doing this because I love writing and whether or not I get in, I'll continue to write and get better and reapply later! Good luck to all of you!
  8. I didn't get in! Oh well we are still living. I started an acceptance forum though!
  9. I got rejected but hey seven more so I'm keeping optimistic! Also, I started an acceptance forum if anyone wants to join in on that!
  10. Does this exist? I felt like there should be a place where we can post on here (I know about the MFA draft facebook but that thing stresses me out.) So far I've been rejected by Ohio State and I still have pending: Michener, New Writers Project, Michigan, UMass Amherst, NYU, Brown, Houston. What about y'all?
  11. Hey everyone! I am fall 2019 applicant for poetry MFA programs. I've seen that people have been getting acceptances back from Ohio State's program and I was just wondering... has anyone been rejected? I'm not sure how they do their send outs but I was just wondering why they wouldn't have sent out rejections if they're sending out acceptances! Thanks
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