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  1. Many congratulations! I’m so happy to hear your news, I'm sure you will have a great time at mason.
  2. For those waiting, BU started notifying fiction. I got an acceptance this afternoon, had a nice conversation with Ha Jin, with follow up Email regarding funding etc..,cohort of ten.
  3. Woot!! See you there! Glad you chose Iowa.
  4. Congrats. Hope you get in. I'm sure there are always people weighing multiple offers.
  5. doesn't look like it. I expect we will hear nothing till end of March at least.
  6. I did not know this at all. i saw on their website now there is something vaguely described as post graduate fellowship. This is cool, I'm def gonna ask for more info about it now.
  7. Not to add another variable to this but Michigan was always my top school. Not just because of the location+faculty, but also the guaranteed third year fellowship. It's really amazing to have a whole year of funding to just work on your MS without classes or anything.
  8. Like @feralgrad said, try to think of your top 3 schools. What if you get admitted to BU, for example, and you have already accepted Colorado state or Ohio? I would ask for an extension really, explain gently/diplomatically that you need more time and see what they say....don't feel pressured into going to a school you don't want to...
  9. Just FYI, I got a letter in the post today with details of Iowa admission. It is still not the official letter (from office of admissions that an applicant can accept/decline) so it is going to definitely take some more time. I believe even wait listed students are also notified via post. If people decline before April 15th, you'll get off the wait list.
  10. Congrats! Thats a really cool place to go! Hope u get funded
  11. This is probably for the letters letter you know, the official stuff. I think based on what @SomethingBorrowed was told there are few more unofficial phone call notifications left. edit: looks like BU has begun calling? saw notification for poetry.
  12. That's a lot, my god! Are you waiting for any more results? Official congrats to you! honestly my call was less than a minute because I was too shocked to say anything lol!
  13. Gosh....that really sucks, sorry for you as well...sigh.
  14. Same. This was my top school....hard not to feel like I'm not good enough for them.
  15. That would be the absolute worst thing....it's the last week of February and we should have been done with this process already! Ugh.
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