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  1. Was your MFA Poetry or Fiction? I am trying to decide between two Poetry programs and would like feedback!
  2. Hey Congrats I was curious if you have accepted at Columbia or heard from Rutgers yet? Are you in fiction or Poetry? Depending on Coronavirus, I will be at Poetry 2020 MFA Columbia, NYU or Brooklyn Cannot decide yet! I feel similar and want to choose Columbia but Brooklyn is more affordable.
  3. It is real! Believe ❤️ I received my call (poetry) last Thursday!
  4. Poetry acceptance letter came from Columbia today YAY! Even more expensive than I had recalled from looking at tuition tables in the fall, BOO! I had been called last week which was wonderful. I was so excited to hear in person from Dorothea, as I love her work and lectures (online), but I now may most likely be at Brooklyn college as the economy is so uncertain the likelihood of well paid jobs to pay off a loan debt no longer make sense. Fingers crossed, we can recover enough from CoronaVirus to have schools open in Sept.
  5. I think they are still calling people, Dorothea, said my letters and emails from actual GSAS would take longer than usual as they converted to online, so for me to be patient for letters et all.
  6. Wow what a day! Dorthothea Lasky just phoned me I screamed in the middle of an Art Gallery with my class and prof's around! Dorothea is one of my poetry hero's ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ The sun shines despite corona virus Then I had to rush back to studio art campus and get all my painting supplies (paint major) as my school is closing to keep everyone safe. Was about to accept Brooklyn, still most likely will due to costs of Columbia even with Scholarships, but I pray the funds will come!
  7. Thank You !!!! Fingers Crossed !
  8. Yes I am accepted at and quite charmed by Brooklyn Poetry MFA, so will be curious to see how the NYU waitlist moves
  9. Hey I am accepted at Brooklyn also, It looks so sweet small program and good schedule.
  10. The NYU waitlist notification came as an email
  11. Now today waitlisted at NYU, someone must have got a spot at Brown or IOWA, congrats and Thank you!
  12. Hi Anyone else here considering Brooklyn College poetry 2020? Would be great to be in touch, I tentatively think that will be my choice, unless Brown comes through?
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