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  1. Didn't see a UMD thread so starting one.
  2. Is there anyone here who has applied to MSHCI at Gatech and whose Status still says "To Dept For Review". Plenty of people have already got admits and rejects in the past few weeks but mine is still under review. I contacted the HCI dept through the Contact form and got no response. Anyone else in a similar position?
  3. Just got an admit from University of Maryland, College Park a few hours back so that's a relief from all the waiting. Still no news from GaTech. I'm guessing that means it's either waiting list or a reject.
  4. Same here. Also saw an admit for University of Maryland, College Park listed today.
  5. Has anyone here heard from GaTech HCI? On the results page, I can see that people have started receiving admits since the 26th.
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