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  1. I used to print the PPT handout in the Notes format (3 slides/page) and write on it.
  2. "Since these languages may be responsible for some English errors a child has" Let's all remember that dialectical differences are not errors. You could base the targets off their dialect so to see if their production is considered accurate in AAE.
  3. I received my acceptance last year on April 17th. Rejects and waitlists come later.
  4. iPad Clipboard w/ storage compartment A really nice accordion file Gift Cards to Michaels or Hobby Lobby (for therapy materials and crafts) Gift Cards to Barnes & Nobels or Amazon (for textbooks and everything else)
  5. Currently, I have two clients. One client is a part of a pre-school language enrichment program, and I spend 6 hours a week with her. The other client, I see once a week for an hour. I am apart of a diagnostic team, but that only happens once a semester and it is 2 hours long. And my class got the opportunity to screen preschoolers' hearing, and that counted for 3 hours. My program has on-campus clinic leading up to our externships, which we will begin in the summer.
  6. It varies by school. University of North Texas offers $5200-6000 a year and they work 10 hours as well. Downside is, they only have about 20 GA positions and accept over 40 people per cohort.
  7. My GA is within the department and 10 hours a week. We get paid twice a month and my checks are always $170. So, no, it does not help at all with any major expenses. If anything, it's lunch money and used for small personal expenses (ie. getting a pedicure) Others in my class make a few dollars more, some make a couple dollars less but we all work a maximum of 10 hours regardless. The GA did allow me to have in-state tuition though, so that was a plus, but I also could've gotten in-state tuition via a tuition waiver if needed. I primarily rely on student loans to pay for rent an
  8. Right now, I'm at 55 hours and will have 21 more by the end of the semester for a total of 76.
  9. I think I applied to 17 last cycle. Ended up getting accepted to 10 tho, so I guess it was worth it. Lol, I underestimated myself and I was desperate.
  10. I'm in that "average" range group. As you can see form my sig, I had a 3.61, and was accepted into 10 schools. You just gotta be realistic with your expectations and apply smart as in, don't apply to any top 10 schools for obvious reasons.
  11. Click on the 'result's tab, type in speech or 'speech + (whatever school you're interested in)' and can you can compare your stats.
  12. My school has a partnership with Academic Health Plans (I think), so I got mine through that avenue. It's $150/month ($1660 for the year) and included in my cost of attendance, so some of that student loan money will go towards paying it.
  13. Noo, it was UNT, and I am not trying to go there so its whatever. I'd rather carry my behind out-of-state.
  14. @Speechster I'm happy, no doubt. I was thinking that, maybe---they exhausted their waitlist and started pulling from the rejects.
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