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  1. Number of school's you're apply to?

    I think I applied to 17 last cycle. Ended up getting accepted to 10 tho, so I guess it was worth it. Lol, I underestimated myself and I was desperate.
  2. Anxiety about reapplying

    I'm in that "average" range group. As you can see form my sig, I had a 3.61, and was accepted into 10 schools. You just gotta be realistic with your expectations and apply smart as in, don't apply to any top 10 schools for obvious reasons.
  3. Schools that Match our Scores

    Click on the 'result's tab, type in speech or 'speech + (whatever school you're interested in)' and can you can compare your stats.
  4. Health Insurance

    My school has a partnership with Academic Health Plans (I think), so I got mine through that avenue. It's $150/month ($1660 for the year) and included in my cost of attendance, so some of that student loan money will go towards paying it.
  5. Provisional Acceptance?

    Noo, it was UNT, and I am not trying to go there so its whatever. I'd rather carry my behind out-of-state.
  6. Provisional Acceptance?

    @Speechster I'm happy, no doubt. I was thinking that, maybe---they exhausted their waitlist and started pulling from the rejects.
  7. Provisional Acceptance?

    So, my alma mater, just called to offer me a provisional acceptance AFTER rejecting me two months ago. No wait list...REJECT. They said I'd have to maintain a B average during the fall to prove my aptitude for graduate study. Like duh! Why would I not maintain a B average?! It's really weird. What do you guys think?
  8. New list of grad programs that don't require GRE
  9. SLPs in Public Schools

    My supervisors, have decades of experience and make around 58-62k, but thats in Nebraska and the school district here is really---not so great with their compensation. In Texas, I'm seeing postings where the average starting rate is around the lower 60s. Depending on your caseload size, whether you have an assistant, and whether you have to treat special populations while in the schools, the ease of the job varies I suppose.
  10. Never got a decision..

    I heard from them a few days ago. They've already sent out their acceptances.
  11. regretting my choice?

    Yah! Idk how to go about it, but let's make one
  12. regretting my choice?

    I'm still sticking with West Texas
  13. regretting my choice?

    I feel like that is your inner voice warning you. Always listen to that inner voice and gut feeling. You may not be sure why you feel like you're regretting your choice, but your psyche does, so just follow it! I was going through the same thing a couple weeks ago, in the end, I am sticking with my first choice and I am not looking back. When I accepted a different option, I just kept going back and forth, and doing all these what-if scenarios, and anazlyzing every little red flag, and was totally unsure. But after following instinct, I feel firm in my decision and so does my inner voice. There's no more wavering at all and that makes me feel very secure with the choice I made.
  14. Accepting an Offer

    Thanks for the heads up. I was reading the graduate handbook today and saw that in the checklist, along with many other things.
  15. Accepting an Offer

    Haha, same here! I e-mailed last week because I hadn't heard back after accepting but, Dr. Cross assured me that everything was in order. I'm glad because I really was not trying to pay for a deposit at all! Tvl, by the way, I'm 95% sure that I will be attending WTAMU so we might be class mates soon!