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  1. No I never interviewed, but they told me that the admissions team still has my application and they have yet to review it, so I asked the lady over the phone if I was on an "unofficial" official waitlist and she said yes basically.. but this waiting sucks like I'd rather know now then later because I have other schools on the line too you know ?
  2. Hi All, I applied to LIU post for the SLP fall 2019 masters program and have yet to hear back regarding a decision.. Is anyone else also left in the dark regarding their admissions decision?
  3. is there a page for Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions??
  4. Thank you! Best of Luck, maybe ill see you around next fall!
  5. Hello All, I was literally just accepted into ENMU's SLP program. Is there anyone else here that is attending this program? or also just got accepted? Looking forward to speaking with you guys !
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