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  1. Hi everyone! I was recently accepted to ENMU and I want to learn more about the program. How are the professors? courses? are you doing the long-distance program?
  2. I was recently admitted to ENMU’s communication disorders program and North Carolina central university. I’m still debating between the two programs and would like any kind of feedback from ENMU past graduates. How are the professors? Classes? Is it fairly easy to get placed in an externship? How is the location of the university? Also ENMU tuition is significantly cheaper than NCCU’s even though it’s the same program.
  3. I'm going to be graduating next month and I don't know if I should find a job now or just wait until I'm in school. I also want to know where the best places to live around csula are... so many questions!! haha
  4. I was recently admitted to CSULA's SLP certificate program/postbacc and want advice and feedback on the program. Is being a full time student and working doable for the program? Should I take fewer classes my first semester to adjust?
  5. I was also accepted and have been researching everywhere to get some feedback on the program! I'm still debating whether I should do it or not. I wish I could talk to someone who is in the program right now or who has already completed it.
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