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  1. I don’t think so— they probably won’t make decisions on funding until after the deadline for the training grants (March 20th). We’ll probably get more details at the admitted students day on the 25th!
  2. I just got an email today from UNC-Chapel Hill with details on their upcoming admitted students day. They said, "Please be sure to dress comfortably. (You might want to bring along your rain gear just in case)." I think they emphasized the comfort part because there'll be a tour of the campus at the start of the day. I know this isn't for the same program, but I'd say don't go too dressy. If your open house has a campus tour like mine does, they won't want you to be struggling/uncomfortable walking around everywhere haha. I'll probably dress more casual-but-conservative (slip ons, darker jeans, and a nice blouse).... overall I'd say don't overthink it! Hope this helps and congrats on your acceptance!
  3. Thank you @Toya ! I know they have a great program at USC and I'm very grateful for the offer of admission. Congratulations on your acceptances as well!
  4. Hahah I know I am embarrassingly early posting this 😂it's just been such a long process waiting and not knowing that I am so anxious/excited to finally get things planned! Exactly! That's what I was hoping too. I was lucky enough to get into my top choice, and am hoping to start connecting with roommates and looking for housing. Hoping people will post to this thread as they do start seeing Facebook groups pop up, even if that is in a few months. Thanks for your reply
  5. Hey everyone! Just was curious as to how the Facebook groups are started for each program. I've heard that for some programs the students in the year above will create a group for the incoming class, and from others that it's just started by a random accepted applicant who takes initiative haha. I'm not sure if there is already a thread for this, but I figured it'd be easy for those who have created a Facebook page for their program to post the link here! So-- if anyone has been super on top of things and already created (or knows the link of) the Facebook group for their program, please post it below so it'll be easier for everyone to get connected! Thanks so much!!
  6. Sure! My GPA overall is a 3.62 with a 4.0 in my CSD prereqs, but CSDCAS actually calculated my GPA as a 3.64 (lol I'll take it). My GRE scores are 159V 157Q and 4.5AW-- I took it twice to boost my scores because I didn't study for it the first time and I got a pretty average score. I have a semester of research experience in a psychology lab, hundreds of hours of volunteer experience (a good chunk in a hospital setting in rehab therapies), and lots and lots of work experience as a tutor which I think helped too, although it isn't directly related to speech. I discovered SLP the summer after my junior year (so really late haha), and decided to take a gap year to strengthen my application. I used this time to gain experience working with populations I didn't already have much experience with, earned some money, volunteered some more, and finished up my observation hours. Hope this helps!
  7. You absolutely have a chance! It's going to be really important that you make sure you're well rounded, but if you can do that you will have no problem. My cumulative GPA was lower and I have been beside myself during this whole process and a complete mess thinking that I wouldn't get in anywhere. Because everyone seems to have 3.9s and 4.0s on here and it's terrifying. I applied to 10 schools out of fear and definitely didn't need to do so-- I think in my case it was because I worked so hard to make sure all other aspects of my application were strong (experience, GRE, letters of rec, stand-out personal statements). Start getting close with the professors in your department now and volunteer as much as you can! Try to get experience with populations you aren't familiar with, and maybe even dabble in research if you can. You got this though! Don't give up this early-- Truly, if you are passionate about the field others will be able to see that, including the admissions committees. Best of luck to you!!
  8. Hi everyone! Just want to say good luck to all of you and don't lose hope! I was accepted to UNC yesterday afternoon by phone, and my portal isn't updated yet. The Speech and Hearing Sciences Department has to recommend you to the graduate school before you can officially be accepted, and the graduate school is the one who updates the portal. On the phone Dr. McComish let me know that they are recommending me for acceptance to the graduate school, and that I should receive an email in the next day or two from them with my official acceptance. So not hearing back could just mean that they haven't made it to your name yet on the call list! It looks like there's a steady stream of people starting to hear from them as she has the time to make the calls. Also about the drop-down changing on the portal-- mine did that too for a few days and I was freaking out! But now it's back to just one drop-down option for updated transcripts. I don't think it means anything, although of course I was super reading into everything as well when I saw someone mention it on here. 😅This whole process has given me so much anxiety it's crazy. Anyway, again I wish you all the best of luck hearing back from all your programs, and hope you hear back from UNC soon with good news!!
  9. Was accepted to LSUHSC - New Orleans this morning as well! Congrats everyone!
  10. That's good to know, thank you both!
  11. Hi all! I received an email earlier today from LSUHSC New Orleans inviting me to interview-- the interview dates for out of state applicants are on Feb 13th and 14th via Skype, and in state applicants will interview on Feb 15th. Hope this helps! They said they will send out more info giving each person a specific time by Feb 8th, so I assume more invites will be sent out in that time in between. Also-- I read somewhere on this forum that LSUHSC NOLA only accepts one person from out of state-- is that true?? I'm applying from out of state and hope that's not the case lol ? Anyway, good luck and hope you hear from them soon!!
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