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  1. ave_slp

    Got into grad school now....

    Yes, I'm so happy I got in and I'm excited to go. I also worry what if they expect that I learned more in undergrad than I really did? Or what If I forget everything? I am worried about this too - it's overwhelming not knowing what it's going to be like and how much I'm excepted to already know.
  2. ave_slp

    ULL SLP 2019

    Anyone know if there is a facebook group yet?
  3. ave_slp

    Louisiana Schools 2019

    Did you talk to the grad school or the actual program? If you can I would try to get in touch with Dr. Roussel - she has been the most helpful to me and I believe she's the head of the program. Hope you find out soon, good luck!
  4. ave_slp

    Louisiana Schools 2019

    I got an email today about registering for classes!
  5. ave_slp

    SLP Declining Offers Thread 2019

    I am declining Louisiana Tech and LSUHSC - new orleans. Hope this helps someone on the waitlist!!
  6. ave_slp

    Louisiana Schools 2019

    I was just accepted to ULL today also!!!
  7. ave_slp

    New Orleans, LA

    I'm moving to new orleans in May so I'm curious to see what people have to say. I have heard that the Lakeview/Metairie area is safer and a little cheaper, but I haven't gone down to look at anything yet.
  8. ave_slp

    Louisiana Schools 2019

    Just got accepted to LSUHSC - new orleans via email!!!!!
  9. Have you had your interview with LSUHSC new orleans yet? Any advice?
  10. ave_slp

    Louisiana Schools 2019

    Has anyone had their interview yet? Mine is tomorrow and I'm super nervous. Just curious what kind of questions they asked or any advice for preparing you might have! thanks!
  11. ave_slp

    Louisiana Schools 2019

    Yes, I received a new email yesterday with time and more information !
  12. LSUHSC-NO sent out inerviews via email recently!
  13. ave_slp

    Louisiana Schools 2019

    I got an interview also via email for LSUHSC! excited & nervous!!
  14. ave_slp

    Louisiana Schools 2019

    oh wow so it could be soon - I'm so nervous, I check my emails every 5 minutes haha

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