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  1. Avschilling

    Gap Year Advice??

    I’m trying to decided what’s the best move for myself. I’m currently on 4 waitlist and am waiting to hear from another university. I got an over all 300 on the Gre with 147 on quant and 152 on verbal and a 3.0 on the writing (unfortunately). I graduated with a 3.5 gpa in CD and a 3.1 overall gpa. I worked for 2 years in an intergrated clinic for students on the spectrum. And have been on two different committees for speech and hearing. On being Delta Zetas national philanthropy aka speech and hearing and another one for Starkey Hearing Foundation. I’m not sure what the best move for myself is. More experience? Higher gre?
  2. Avschilling

    Backup plan A-Z?

    Hey guys so do y’all have backup plans and if so what are they!
  3. Avschilling

    Interview at Samford

    No thank you very much! I’ll be sure to prepare my questions in advance!
  4. Avschilling

    Interview at Samford

    That’s very shady
  5. Avschilling

    Interview at Samford

    They’re scheduled February 13/15th from 8am-12 pm!
  6. Avschilling

    Interview at Samford

    Thank you! I’m sorry you’re stuck in an awful situation!
  7. Avschilling

    Interview at Samford

    When I go to this interview I will be sure to bring this all up, especially if I get to meet current students like they have allowed in the past. You would think that the because the program is on the line they would pay more attention to the students complaints.
  8. Avschilling

    Interview at Samford

    Interesting, thank you for your input! This sounds like a failure on the professors at the university!
  9. Avschilling

    Interview at Samford

    Yeah no I understand that is abnormal especially if these are students who come from CD undergrad. Thank you for your input! Are you in your first year at Samford? I’ve applied to tons of schools so I’m waiting to hear back from others!
  10. Avschilling

    Interview at Samford

    Hey I read through your longer post about Samford. Could you further explain how they lost 6 students. Did the students fail out or did they leave on their own accord?
  11. Avschilling

    Interview at Samford

    Thank you! I think I’m just over thinking this whole process!
  12. Avschilling

    Interview at Samford

    Thank you so much! I’m just soooo nervous about it all!
  13. I turned in my applications on Tuesday the 14th and they were verified today on Thursday the 16th! Get them done sooner so you don’t have to stress!
  14. Avschilling

    Number of school's you're apply to?

    Do you mind me asking your stats?

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