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  1. You have to keep in mind about the second one, MGH's actual website is saying that they want to aim for a class size of 60 students, but Edfind is saying that they accept 225 people. These are different things because no everyone accepts their offer, so class size is probably around 60 students for them. The first one, I'm not sure, so as the person above said I wouldn't take either of them has a strict guideline or anything.
  2. Hey, I'm stuck between Elmhurst and ISU, and I would like more insight on ISU would it be cool if I Dm'd you some questions?
  3. I don't think they are accepting anyone off the waitlist until after April 15, good luck though!
  4. Sweet! How as it? I didn't know there were anymore open houses... it sounded like to me in the email that there was only one, weird. I'm surprised the waitlist is not up yet.
  5. I got accepted there and they did a little online open house sort of thing where they just posted videos about the campus and some current students answered some FAQs. It is a beautiful campus and people have said that the faculty is extremely nice and helpful. You only go to class 2 times per week, but its for like 6 hours and then you have clients on the days you don't have class. There's a private clinic on campus, a preschool they work at and the convent with the nuns. Its a Catholic school, so if you're Catholic it will be perfect. The program is also 5 semesters, which is nice and you st
  6. In the open house she said that she is going to work on the waitlist Monday and that it should be up next week sometime
  7. No, I assume they're going to wait until after the open house, but idk really how they can decide from that.
  8. I would email and ask asap. They just asked us to pick times that would work for us and then they will decide out of those options when it is.
  9. Just checking to see if you got the email that was sent today regarding the online open house?
  10. You could! I don't think it will hurt, worst case she doesn't answer either
  11. Yeah, you're right. I filled out that I wanted to do a Skype meeting and wanted to stay on the list. I'm just baffled that they haven't said anything about it... I ended up emailing them and asking if they are still planning on doing these meetings and the timeline for the waitlist to come out. Hoping they respond soon.
  12. Ahh, hopefully they start responding soon. I want to know where I am too, if I'm even still on it
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