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  1. Yes don't ever feel like you're the only one, cause there are tons of people who feel exactly like you do lol. But in regards to the Midwest being more positive or negative competition wise, I would say more positive. It obliviously depends where you apply but I can tell you compared to California schools it's definitely more positive. Additionally with your stats & experiences, you have a really good chance of getting into a variety of different schools. If you have any questions about where I applied feel free to dm.
  2. I think you're a very competitive candidate grade and experience wise. I am also a terrible standardized test taker, especially when it comes to math. The first time I took the GRE I scored a 137 on my quant and I ended up being able to bump it up to a 140 the second time (Magoosh really helped & the free practice tests from ETS you can add to your cart when you sign up for the GRE). I would recommend you take it again and try your best to get it up at least to a 140. Additionally, for a lot of schools you can send 2 test scores and they will take the highest of each. I was really worried
  3. Hey! So I am about to start graduate school in a few weeks. I am currently working as a nanny and plan to do so during my summer courses and so on (I plan on only working less than 20 hours per week when I start taking a full load of courses). Depending on what your schedule looks like I would suggest doing that or working a job with a good amount of flexibility. Also congrats on the 4.0 that will definitely be weighed heavily. Although, I would suggest trying to get more experiences in the field (volunteering/ shadowing), joining clubs or getting involved in research. Graduate schools want t
  4. Hi It is possible! I am also terrible at standardized tests, I got a 145 in verbal, 139 in Quant and a 3.5 writing score. I got into 3 schools, 1 wait-list and 2 rejections. I was honestly very worried about my scores but I got into my top school! Also, schools look more at your verbal & writing so with those scores you should be fine. Best of luck!
  5. Hi! You're not alone, I feel the same way! But we need to be confident because we are good enough, we can do this, and we do know things! We wouldn't be where we are without the hard work and determination we put in. I've heard from several friends that we will go in feeling unprepared but that it gets better, especially since we are studying to understand/apply the material instead of trying to get perfect grades. One thing that really helped me was reading/watching SLP graduate blogs, one even suggested making a binder with important course material that you learned in undergrad (ex: ne
  6. I applied to 6 schools, I got into 3, wait-listed at 1, and rejected at 2. Six schools was a pretty solid number for me, I have friends who applied to 8-10 and they said they wish they applied to less & saved the money.
  7. Hey there! You're going to do great! I also did not do well on my first attempt but the second time I took it I felt better prepared because I knew what to expect. The best peace of advice I can give you is to not over stress about it just because you know you have to do better. Looking up short cut tricks for the quantitative section & doing practice essays so I could figure out the best way to organize/get the format down was also very helpful! You got this :)
  8. Hi! I would reach out to your advisor and ask him/her if they think that would satisfy the stat requirement for graduate school and ASHA. If the course shows up on your transcript as a Quantitative Reasoning I think you should be fine but I would still ask. Best of luck!
  9. Hi! Just wondering if anyone has been accepted off the waitlist at Elmhurst yet!
  10. My overall GPA is a 3.57, CSD GPA 3.33, GRE V:144, Q: 141, AW 3.5!
  11. This is really helpful thank you! Would you say that they are really strict about stats or do they look at you as a whole person? Just curious because my GPA is decent, I have great LOR, lots of extra curricular activities and good outside experiences but not to great GRE scores.
  12. Hi everyone, Has anyone heard anything from Elmhurst or Saint Xavier? Or does anyone know when we should hear back based upon previous application cycles or by reaching out via email?
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