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  1. CajunSLP18

    SLP vs AuD

    My dream is to be a AuD, but I can’t move so boo. I was accepted to be a SLP though, YAY! I prefer AuD almost for the sole purpose of how black and white it is audiology has text you run, in a particular order for the most part, and you get diagnosed with XYZ, and get a HA. Obviously more complicated than that, but you get the gist. With Speech and Language, it’s so vague. Who knows what is going to work for a certain client. That scares me.
  2. CajunSLP18

    Southern University-Baton Rouge MSSLP Program

    I have heard it is less competitive than other LA programs. I go to UL.
  3. CajunSLP18

    SLP Declining Offers 2018

    I have a few friends who declined spots at LSUBR, LaTech, and Southeastern.
  4. CajunSLP18

    Louisiana Schools 2018

    I would 100% choose LSUNO over Southeastern. Mostly because they have such a good program and medical opportunities.
  5. CajunSLP18

    Stressed out because I submitted FAFSA late

    I literally submitted mine 10 minutes ago. ??‍♀️
  6. If you call, please PM me and let me know what they say. I have friends waiting to hear too. And yes you get an email, and a letter sent a few days later.
  7. I was accepted to UL on 3-15. So they said they were sending acceptances out in 2 waves do theymight have sent them all out 3-15/3-16 but I could be wrong. I go there for undergrad and have not heard of anyone getting waitlist or rejection letters yet.
  8. CajunSLP18

    Louisiana Schools 2018

    2 of my friends were accepted via email to LAtech yesterday. Both are declining.
  9. CajunSLP18

    Louisiana Schools 2018

    Nope. I’m not sure if they have sent them yet. Only heard of acceptances so far.
  10. CajunSLP18

    Louisiana Schools 2018

    Woooo Congrats!!! Message me your name and number if you want in our groupme!
  11. CajunSLP18

    Louisiana Schools 2018

    I know of 11 of us getting accepted today. No one received waitlist or rejection emails yet. I assume that will be next week. I would think the second wave of acceptances would be tomorrow and/or Monday.
  12. If you were accepted at ULL, message me and I can add you to our class groupme!!!!
  13. CajunSLP18

    Louisiana Schools 2018

    Days usually. We heard that they are sending in 2 waves this cycle (which they haven’t done before).
  14. CajunSLP18

    Louisiana Schools 2018

    UL sends out emails first, and then you get a letter later.

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