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  1. They asked very standard interview questions, nothing interesting. Why you want to go there, why you'd be a good addition to the program, tell them about a time you've disagreed with a boss/supervisor and how you handled it, typical things like that.
  2. I took it once and didn't study at all and it was completely fine. The test is kind of designed so that you won't improve a whole lot even with lots of studying (maybe a couple points) so it's really not worth it to take it more than once.
  3. I know the feeling! I was waitlisted to my undergrad institution, a "premier" school, and dealt with imposter syndrome for at least two years. I ended up graduated with honors in the top 5% of my university. My imposter syndrome turned into a "let-me-show-them" kind of drive, which was ultimately beneficial for me, but is something that I now realize was completely silly. I did what I did because I was capable of it from the start. You are too, right now.
  4. Hello! Grad school is the first time in my entire life - literally - that I have been able to easily make friends. I now go to social events without having to force myself to because I actually enjoy them. This is completely new for me! I think there is something about being around people with similar interests and goals that makes bonding much easier.
  5. I hope this doesn't sound absurd, but being in a better place personally right now might be all you need. I know what it's like to be that caretaker and how much of a toll it can take on you. Why not try again now, and see where you are? I did not study for the GRE and was just in the right "zone" when I took it. It might go better this time without having to do much ore prep.
  6. I know it has been said, but focus on your GRE. I know that the schools I applied to had a "cut-off" of 300 combined verbal and quant and didn't even look at your application if you didn't have that. I'd also suggest taking some online courses to raise your GPA, but I don't think your GPA is a dealbreaker as-is. You have a lot of good experience and it sounds like you have covered your bases in most areas, but the numbers are holding you back. I know how much that sucks; some people would be fabulous SLPs but aren't good test-takers. It's ironic that our field is trying to move away from stand
  7. I think that the CSU schools are some of the most affordable in the country. I believe this is true for even out of state. It is true that they take a lot of their undergraduates, but it isn't by any means impossible if you're not; I think this whole "they only take their own" thing is really exaggerated. I go to SDSU and my cohort has 38 people, and exactly 50% of the cohort is from SDSU undergrad. So - only 19 of us got in from other schools, but if I can do it, you can! I also believe that my cohort had a particularly high percentage of SDSU undergrads. Don't be discouraged but do have othe
  8. Personally I would say it's not worth it. The only thing I spent money on preparation-wise was a GRE book but I didn't even use it, so it was kind of a waste of money. I think there are plenty of things you can do for free to help with the process, like having friends and family members whose opinions you respect read over your materials. The application process in itself is so expensive, I just wouldn't pay for anything more than you need to!
  9. I agree with @CBG321. Why not buy a bike and use that for transportation? That or public transportation. You really can't expect other people to drive you around. Other than that though, sounds like you're just having normal nerves that everyone has.
  10. I declined Northern Arizona (with an assistantship/funding), University of Redlands, and Chapman University. Good luck everyone!
  11. Yes it did! It's called the State University Grant (SUG) and it applies to graduate students as well. I didn't realize this either until very recently but it's true!
  12. Hi!! If I were in your shoes...I'd go with the CA school. I have a friend who was in a similar situation (wanted to ultimately work in CA but went out of state for grad school) and she said while it was okay she ultimately wished she had gone to school in CA, not just because of the licensing thing but because classes were geared towards how things were done in that state which wasn't always necessarily the same as CA. Also...I'm guessing because of that high CA tuition it's not a Cal State, but the cool thing about CA is that there are state grants for in-state residents, which I didn't
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