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  1. I'm just wondering, what do you all think are the best experiences to build my resume to help my grad school apps? I'm trying to think ahead for next semester and into the summer when I'll have some more free time.
  2. I think each school asks for something a little different. Can you call the school and ask?
  3. Has anyone ever used one of those paid consultants to help with their grad school applications? The ones that help you write your essays, get ready for interviews, etc? They're a little expensive, but I wonder if they are worth it? Has anyone used one? Any experiences to share? Thoughts?
  4. There's a blog post on it that says hand writing is better than typing. I know typing is faster, but who knows? http://www.thespeechblog.com/stop-typing-notes-4-evidence-based-reasons-hand-write-notes/
  5. I'm just guessing - but there are probably people who get discouraged and stop applying after the first time! I read a post about a girl who applied like 4 times until she got in. There's this post http://www.thespeechblog.com/575-2/ and also this one https://slpecho.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/grad_slp_chances/ from some blogs on SLP stuff.
  6. Stay positive when you're applying! You can do it =D I know it isn't very fun, but you could raise your GRE score. Take a prep course! I used Magoosh because I read about it from @mcamp's blog. Getting those numbers up just a little will really make your application stronger. While you do that, I think working as a head start teacher would be so cool! I bet grad schools would love to see that kind of experience
  7. How cool! I wonder how different it would be!? - Following this thread to see what comes up
  8. I found this blog from someone who posts on here, and I used this post to help me make my resume: http://www.thespeechblog.com/how-to-write-a-resume-for-graduate-school-part-12/ maybe it'll be good for you!
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