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  1. Hi!! I’m currently a grad student at WTAMU and I loooove it! I think they don’t receive many applicants because they don’t utilize CSDCAS and it’s located in a really smal town. Not many people know about their out-of-state tuition waiver (I had no idea until I was accepted), which is a shame because it would save a lot of ppl from taking out a lot of loans. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about the program!
  2. You are awesome!! West texas A&M looks at your last 60 of your CSD classes
  3. West Texas A&M looks at last 60 CSD courses only. No GRE required
  4. My overall GPA was a 2.9 (it was lower on CSDCAS), my CSD GPA was a 3.2. My GRE was average. I think it was my experience that made me stand out! I volunteered at a speech clinic and worked as an ABA therapist. I also volunteered doing speech therapy internationally. I was not picky with where I applied, I applied to 10 schools all over the country. I ended up being invited to interview to half of those schools, waitlisted to 2 schools, and then accepted to 2! Keep working on your personal statement and get LORs from profs/supervisors that know you very well. Show the schools who you ar
  5. Your SLP major is awesome!! It is way better than mine (2.9 overall 3.2 major) and I was accepted to 2 schools I agree with @mcamp. Definitely apply to schools that look at the last 60 units or focus on your major gpa. It is great that you are willing to move for school, because there are schools all over the country that take students with your stats. You'll just need to do some research, ASHA edfind is a great resource. Your variety of volunteer work is great, but are they SLP specific experiences? Do you shadow the SLP at the veterans home and pediatric hospital? If so, highlight tho
  6. I will be starting my grad program in the fall and am curious as to how most SLP grad students take notes during class! I have a macbook but it would be annoying to bring around school with my other materials. Would an iPad w/ keyboard be beneficial? Or should I just stick to the old fashioned paper and pen? Any input would be appreciated, thanks!
  7. West Texas A&M https://m.facebook.com/groups/753649045023513
  8. I felt the same way you did. My undergrad GPA is a 2.9, my CSD GPA is 3.2, and my last 60 units aren't far from that range. My GRE scores were barely average. I'd like to think that I have very good experience: I worked as an ABA therapist in a special ed classroom, I volunteered at a speech clinic for almost 2 years, and I volunteered doing speech therapy abroad as well. My LORs were from a professor (this was a prof I volunteered with, I did not take their class), my work supervisor, and a SLP I volunteered with. I took a year off after I graduated to work and then applied to 10 progra
  9. Has anyone been accepted here? Or Does anyone have additional info about the program?
  10. If you are into audiology, being a hearing aid dispenser is an option (depending on your location.) In CA, you need to obtain licensure through an exam
  11. Where are you guys located? I was informed that they are still trying to get permission to admit students from certain states since it is an online program. I would email/call the program directly with your questions! They’re very friendly and helpful
  12. I had a dream that I was rejected to my top school and woke up to find out I was waitlisted! haha
  13. I applied here! I definitely think that too. Please let me know if you here anything from them
  14. I applied there. Sign up for an online info session or contact them directly! They are very friendly and helpful they directed me to a current grad student that answered all my questions
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